An Update about the Experimental Card (14 FEB)

Andy, may I humbly suggest that for one of these ExC’s we go outside the rather insular and hiveminded creator Discord and their buddies for one of these? It would expand the number of creators you work with, and offer different views on how balance is achieved. If nothing else, an ExC where Orisa and Mei receive actual fun changes rather than be dumpstered just because a certain player doesn’t like them or doesn’t know how to play them.


I’m honestly really surprised it wasn’t pointed out at any point during the development process that changing tank damage so drastically would also drastically reduce ult charge. It’s fine if tanks had changed Ults to be more impactful or if all the heroes got reduced ult charge but that’s just not the case.


I agree, Lemon had a really cool idea for a unique direction to take tanks in, it’s just sad none of it could be playtested beforehand so they could see the slight damage issues before they released it

It would be cool if they did like a massive community poll on certain community topics.


In many ways swapping damage for survability is very different from the live game, which I guess makes it contentious over whether that is a swap people want as even these forums swing wildly on that opinion.

Same, lol, I want it to be true so I can see Yako Warner memes.

But the real question is: did you see this name floated around from the rumors or from internal OW2 builds?! :astonished:

(I’m assuming you’re not legally allowed to deny the leak even if it is false, honestly).

I want to see that experimental! I feel like it would bring to play/complain non-stop. Either way is a win.

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I mean Mei from the last card and Orissa on this one (damage aside) are 2 of my favorite sets of changes. The tether is just hilarious and the Mei speed boosts from last time were fun.

Could it also be blamed on the fact it completely changes people’s playstyles? I feel like a big factor for people not being happy with these tank designs is because they’re not super brawly bruisers anymore like what they’re used to

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Surely we will see flying zarya in that experimental… right?

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But as was just said “different from what we are used to” is the point. I don’t like the swap but I also don’t deny it’s different.

Have you seen Maiev in Heroes of the Storm? I think an interesting change to the tether idea is if they make it so if the tethered enemy tries to move a certain distance away from Orisa they could be pulled back into her, could be interesting

Give the people what they want, Blizzard! Flying Zarya is the future of OW2!


Next Experimental should just let every hero fly.


will the team consider bringing to live more new and fun changes like the call mech damage buff, Hanzo ricochet on storm arrows (questionable change imo) from last year’s April Fools?

We know April Fools changes from last year to Zarya (shared bubbles) and Rein (more steering and cancelable charge) are also confirmed to come in OW2, so maybe you could put more of these to live before April Fools 2022 like Symmetra’s beam with longer range, Ana being able to self nano boost, Ashe coach gun with more damage but no longer knock backs enemies, Pharah moving while Barrage is active etc

True, forget echo and pharah. Let’s see flying roadhog.

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On a more serious note about flying, as cool as it would be to finally see pigs fly…

Do you think at some point in the future proper aerial battles could be a thing? We only really have Echo, Pharah, and Mercy rn but on ExC Dva seems to be able to stay in the air consistently and I’m seeing seeds for sky battles in the future :eyes:

Would be really neat to see matches where they swap between fighting on the ground and in the sky

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That would honestly be so cool.

Imagine giving all heroes jet packs in an OW2 mission as they fight on floating islands or something!

Flying cassidy would feel so weird but it would actually be kinda fun :laughing:

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Payloads in the sky, capture points on the rooves of buildings or on floating islands, the potential is limitless :smiley:

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It could be in PVP as well OMGGG


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