An Update about the Experimental Card (14 FEB)

If that happened hog wouldn’t be playable
Or McCree
Or hanzo
Or soldier
Or phara
Or echo
Or mercy
Or ana
…what im saying is that there’s a lot of crybabies


Ayyyy maybe I won’t be forced to watch as all my friends are slaughtered around me!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It’s nice to know we aren’t just being made to play with this toy for the duration.

Next time pick a tank player to do tank changes :]


Personally, I would’ve preferred removing the auto-targeting, but instead, highlighting the weakest enemy (in terms of health) and having a faster rate of fire.

This not only still retains the ultimate being user friendly, but it also paired nicely with a passive I had in mind for Soldier: 76 [I believe every hero should have a unique passive].

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I would point out that Lemon has played quite a bit of tank, and has enough knowledge on the role to be a well respected member of the Overwatch Shoutcaster professional scene.

I could also point out that (as detailed in her video on the subject), she solicited advice and opinions from several players who play the game at high SR (she did the work), and essentially wrote a thesis paper on her changes and her theory behind the changes.

If it helps, I’ll point to what Flats, ml7, and every other creator who has participated in the Experimental Cards to date has said: balancing a game is incredibly complex and takes into account far more variables than most folks initially give it credit for.

I’ll also own some of the blame, as the process for feedback, and follow up can be improved. I’ll be working with the production team to improve the process for future collaborated cards, including additional “milestone check-ins”.

TLDR: assigning blame to any one individual, especially for something as complex as a significant balance patch, oversimplifies something to a degree that I wouldn’t expect to see from someone with your posting history.


It’s really cool you got LemonKiwi to do the changes, she said she focused on balance changes that help lower rank players which is nice, it should show not everything is about the higher elo players and sometimes you can just go crazy stupid

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well from the first one with flats we addressed the massive bias towards certain heroes and after this one we’re gonna address awful balancing. next time for real it’s gonna be good from the getgo since it seems you guys will actually like, not completely mess it up then. see you guys in 4 months with the next experimental content then I’m sure it’ll be decent from the start. I don’t know it’s just disappointing that the majority of the run time of the experimental is just basically unplayable since queue times are high because tanks are awful… and tanks are awful. idk if this is like about the only content we’re gonna get it could at least be fun.

Next time pick me :upside_down_face:


I’ve suggested this before but might as well here as well. I think it would be a great idea to do a CC card where you get one main per hero.

This way the workload is spread way more manageably, you get more CCs (and more of the community) involved and build more hype, and you ensure that every hero gets FUN (keyword is fun) changes for these cards which are supposed to be wacky and fun. All you have to do is present guidelines to them, such as how powerful you want the changes to be.

At the end of the day, as shown by every creator who has ever done these cards - there are some heroes that people won’t “understand” unless they play them themselves. Not saying any changes were done out of ignorance or malice - but some definitely were made by people who didn’t understand what made certain heroes enjoyable to their mains.

I guarantee it would yield extremely fun cards


On god.

Well, wasn’t it one individual creating the balance changes for tanks…? Like, I can see her effort, i’m not denying that. But the changes are just… creative, but they don’t work with this game.

Tanks need to do damage to create space, you don’t see D.Va making space with her 36 damage.

Yes, I should’ve said something else, but i’m a burnt out tank player… getting excited about experimental changes because we don’t receive anything. And not to mention, this experimental is suppose to be fun, but lemon made some tanks really unfun. (Winston, Zarya, D.Va, Roadhog).

Also, it makes more sense to make a tank player to do tank changes. Does it not?


This would be quite interesting tbh, everyone would be absolutely broken in their own right haha


And that’s the fun of it! Let every hero be broken instead of just some of them - that’s the point of a crazy card


Yea ngl it does seem like mL7 (the ana main) went abit crazy with ana, as well as Flats going abit ott with rein. Everyone’s got biases, why not lean into it :slight_smile:

OW2 RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:


Exactly. You can tell that the Ana changes came from a place of deep knowledge and are overall super fun and made her fun to play, whereas the Sym changes were definitely done by someone who doesn’t play the hero much (no fault of his) and doesn’t really understand what makes her fun for us


I love how they immediately knew what people were gonna think

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Glad to hear changes are coming. I loved the tanks on this card and disagree with those saying they’ve been made entirely unimpactful, though it is pretty obvious that 50% reduction across the board wasn’t an equivalent exchange for the buffs received. Ideally, each tank should have its damage adjustment individually. I know the overall sentiment for OW2 is to make tanks into “Bruisers” but I hope there’s still room for players who appreciate this design philosophy of low-damage, high-survivability utility tanks in the future.

If you pick and choose seemingly random changes to go live like last time, I’m hoping for the Ana Sleep Dart QoL changes and Reaper’s Shadow Step during Wraith.


Yea plus a bit of playtesting could’ve given them the information needed to make big changes like the turret prioritisation

Considering that support queue times are often longer than dps in the experimental from what I’ve seen ml7 seems to have done an amazing overall job though yeah sym is kinda wonky.

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They’re trying to trick us, I’m sure of it