An Update about the Experimental Card (14 FEB)

Yea plus a bit of playtesting could’ve given them the information needed to make big changes like the turret prioritisation

Considering that support queue times are often longer than dps in the experimental from what I’ve seen ml7 seems to have done an amazing overall job though yeah sym is kinda wonky.

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They’re trying to trick us, I’m sure of it


No disagreement from me there - the support changes minus Sym have been great

WHATttt?? No way this is right I have consistently seen (at least on EU) dps queue times be estimated >12 minutes and support times be ~3 minutes

What is this trickery

You got me. Here’s an image of a new hero:

Implied kappa


“I have altered the ExC. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”


Omg it’s lynx :grin: :+1:

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right now (east coast u.s.) dps is 8 minutes support is 9 minutes lol (tank obviously <2 if that had to be said)

I think support players are just in short supply here :mask:

To be fair… wasn’t this supposed to be a fun patch, rather than a balanced patch?

I am kinda confused about these patches… in some way I feel like they are trying to make it wacky and unbalanced, but in other cases it seems like they’re trying to make it like an actual balance change?

Could you give some clarification whether or not these content patches are supposed to be fun or balanced? Or is it both?

I can agree though that obviously balancing is obviously a lot harder than it looks, regardless of what I and other forum folks on the forums say xD, I’m very sure there are practically infinite variables you have to go through, but in the end like engineers it is more guess work. Now that sounds bad, but even when engineers build bridges for example, they cannot be 100% sure what they’re doing because there are infinite variables to consider, if that makes sense? That doesn’t mean there aren’t many many variables you go through, it’s just that practically it’s impossible to perfectly balance a game.


I don’t know how many layers of facetiousness and misdirection you’re giving here, given that you posted a picture of Yakko while there’s a leak/rumor going around that says one of the heroes that has yet to be revealed is named Yako.

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I wonder. If you did it by mass vote, all the bias would get washed out. I’m curious what would change if everybody had a say.


They are probably balancing it better for a better viewer experience for the cup. It would maybe have been a worse watch imo.

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I’d say both, fun in the means of everyone goes crazy, but attempts at balance by trying new things that could even have the potential of pushing ideas like it to Live

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This. Overwatch is a dump and getting worse lmao

The guidance we provide is over the top, and wacky. Something different from the live game, not another iteration of it.

This is probably a good lesson for us to learn: over the top is completely subjective based on your perspective. Also, I think that each of the creators try to work some things they’d like to actually see make it, in addition to the more outlandish changes. That’s fine, and isn’t something I’d like to start discouraging.


Big Man can I ask, is it possible to have the Experimental Cards be a permanent addition until the next iteration from other content creators? I really like playing the unbalanced fun in ExC and it’s always a shame when it’s removed


It’s just the first thing I thought of when I saw that name being floated around.