An Update about the Experimental Card (14 FEB)

I totally agree. The Flats version of tanks was a much more fun experience. Not a fan of reduced damage tanks.


Unpopular idea, let tanks have the tools to destroy part of the level geometry in order for their team to progress. Inject some of those Havok physics into OW.

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Why does it say 22nd of Feb?
The tournament will be over by then.
What did I miss :sob:

dam thought this was gonna be an announcement or preview about OW2 or about the “suppose” upcoming announcements/leaks but im just sucking on hopium

That was my mistake. Brain randomly inserted number.

And before the conspiracy theories start: just no


To address the OP:

I did like the direction this experimental went, but it should have been 25% and not 50%. I’m really glad they address this.

Couldn’t resist!




Will the bugs in the experimental patch concerning Symmetra’s turrets (attaching and not detaching from full health targets, no yellow-heal color, no heal prioritization) also be addressed?


Reduce the cast time on mercy’s ult and maybe the ult charge cost as well and I will be satisfied. I just want to play with mass res for fun


ah yes a thousand and one representatives of one tricks, single role players, and people that think x hero is OP.

yep community Feedback might as well be a gas for how little structure it has.

Overall general feelings about something is the only general feedback to actually stick.

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Please keep the Roadhog changes and reduce his damage.

If the rumors are true crossing fingers why bother balancing live servers?

Just leave it the way it is, and make a few more creator cards. That’s my opinion though.

Thank you for communicating. Wish the devs would do the same.

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I knew the Bastion changes sounded pretty good on paper

He sounds kinda boring but really good nonetheless

I think they kinda did that with the april fools experimental. The S76 change to let him headshot during his ult was something I and others have asked for. Oh boy was I wrong on that one :sweat_smile:


I had a bastion run straight at me earlier today as Dva even while I had a mercy pocket. He knew he’d just out damage me and out heal my damage. It was scary af and I ran away only just barely making it out alive :sob:

Lol yeah he’s op.


bastion is pretty good in this x-card. i actually woulndt mind if it went live since bastion needs his time in the sun. the thing about his ult tho is that he should be a moving gatling gun instead of a tank cannon

This is great news!
If anything, happier tanks will mean I can que for the support changes more often.