An Update about the Experimental Card (14 FEB)

True, forget echo and pharah. Let’s see flying roadhog.

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On a more serious note about flying, as cool as it would be to finally see pigs fly…

Do you think at some point in the future proper aerial battles could be a thing? We only really have Echo, Pharah, and Mercy rn but on ExC Dva seems to be able to stay in the air consistently and I’m seeing seeds for sky battles in the future :eyes:

Would be really neat to see matches where they swap between fighting on the ground and in the sky

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That would honestly be so cool.

Imagine giving all heroes jet packs in an OW2 mission as they fight on floating islands or something!

Flying cassidy would feel so weird but it would actually be kinda fun :laughing:

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Payloads in the sky, capture points on the rooves of buildings or on floating islands, the potential is limitless :smiley:

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It could be in PVP as well OMGGG


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For us to be able to work with anyone, content creator or otherwise, and allow them to impact the game, implies that there’s a certain level of trust with them, and trust like that is only built up if we have a relationship with them.

I would also encourage you to consider that content creators we have a relationship with are not a monolith. We have great working relationships with plenty of folks who are consistently critical of us, and I believe that hivemind is a mischaracterization of the environment we strive to foster.


When you trust content creators more than people in your company:


I feel like you’re missing the point, they made the conscious decision to let content creators make these ExC’s, its not about whether they trust them more than their employees lol


It’s supposed to be balanced to a degree

The point is that the “for fun experiments” are radically changing the game temporarily, you know, for fun

It’s not fun if things aren’t balanced to some degree though, like the Mercy we got last time for instance.


I say we toss the concept of balance out the window

Genji’s Dragonblade kills instantly, Zarya’s Graviton completely silences enemies, Pharah has double the fuel, Rein has a 20m shield, Sombra’s EMP disables left clicking too, Torbjorn has his old molten core back, go crazy

That being said what if we actually got a gamemode where everything was reverted back to 2017? Even just for a week to see how dumb everything used to be

I made sure I read every text u sent in this specific forum. And while I’m inclined to changes, and seeing different things b done to make the game more fun and interesting, but the last few changes I’ve seen into the balance of the game have only been from whatever comes out of EXP Cards, most coming off of the Community Streamers and such. While I am not against it, maybe try to have a balance in who does balancings? Like, ok, maybe U guys at Blizz make an EXP Card, then the Community Streamers make adjustments afterwards? Just a thought, I’m completely unsure if this is a good idea or not.

My biggest thoughts I had for awhile now though that I’m intrigue to see an attempt of is: Grab a bunch of different pro players, but have those pros and/or streamers balance the characters that r their mains. So, for example, grab a Main like Emongg or Space, and have them balance for the EXP Card. Then, for Reinhardt, grab Super or LHCloudy to balance him right. List goes on and on on the idea. I know that’d b grabbing a TON of players to do an EXP Card, but maybe we don’t have to do it all in 1 go? So, like, for the experiment, maybe just as a test, an Experiment, maybe we can do this idea, but only for either Tank or Healz? Tanks and Healz is Not as large as the DPS, hench y I say one of 2, which would mean u grab 7-8 players to make that type of EXP happen.

Crazy is boring, it just turns into button masher that entertains for 5 minutes

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I suppose fun is subjective then :sweat_smile:

Please next time pick a Lucio player for balance changes, nothing against ML7 but when I went to his stream and asked him why he didn’t look closer at Lucio and why he’d given more ammo to Zen instead of Lucio, his answer was : Lucio already does more damage.

Like come on, Zen deals way more damage than Lucio overall and it’s not a meager 5 dmg while wallriding that’s going to make any difference, even when you reddit you’re basically jumping around constantly and you’re effectively wallriding a second once you touch a wall to rebound. The only case you’d remain wallriding is to look for a boop and we can’t even boop tanks now, especially not with this pathetic boop after beat (which ult charge still hasn’t been reduced btw).

I’m tired of Lucio being forgotten.

what sorts of changes would u like to see for lucio on ExC if you had the chance ?

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For me, fun is crazy wacky changes, but I really want to have a proper patch every month in the live game…

I just said what I would do in my previous post.

More damage, +4 ammo to fire an extra volley.
Ult charge reduced by 10-15%.

And sure, let’s keep the boop with beat (eventho I found the oneshot with boop way more interesting and fun).

what hour is there right now? 22pm? D: you shouldn’t overwork yourself dude.

This smacks of “We don’t want nobody nobody sent.” I’m from the Chicagoland area, I know what that’s all about. :neutral_face: