An idea to prevent "dps Moira"


If they want to punish DPS Moira players, I’m don’t think a fluctuating damage attack would be the idea.

I’d try something more like this: Moira now has ammo, but it only depletes when she’s at full heal spray meter. In addition, she also gains heal spray resources when damaging shields with biotic grasp (even if it’s at a reduced rate). Forcing Moira to go into a reload animation would curb some DPS Moiras, or at least hinder their “hold damage and forward buttons for results” gameplay.

Then again, I’m not even sure it’s a problem that needs to be solved, so even my idea is kinda… meh.


This problem is much bigger, than just one hero, so you just push it to different heroes that way.

From reward perspective: killing enemies grants up to three medals, healing teammates - one. Which feels like more rewarding thing to do?

From team-carrying perspective: if you kill enemies, you are in control of results. If you heal teammates, you hope that they will achieve something, and you have no power over that.

I mean, you gave player hero, that allows to choose between damage and healing, and expect them to take one for the team by choosing less rewarding path? With kit, that has some flanking capabilities, and self-sustain?


Moira needs a rework so that she is balanced. She is the same as Reaper where she is a crutch for new/bad players that win by playing against people that can’t aim. Then when you get to where people can aim you get destroyed cause she is a badly designed hero.


This feels like one of those ideas that seem good on paper but fixes nothing in reality. The orb still has enough damage to make the primary fire’s damage a bit of a non-issue if you want to go dps moira.
and if the damage is only based on your healing meter, you can just empty the healing out into thin air to get max damage.


Just take away damage orb and it will make her a better healer immediately. The problem with Moira is that she can actually dps better than under performing dps players in a team fight.
Then comes the tunnel vision and dead tanks and lost team fight… Then I have 5 golds… … .


at the same time ppl could just spray the heals without healing teammates


I like Moria and think she’s mostly balanced. However, I would give her Biotic Orbs healthbars so that the enemy has a chance of destroying them. That would punish a Moria who just throws them around all willy-nilly, and wouldn’t require the enemy team to get a D.Va to reliably DM them.


I like the idea but personally, I don’t want her changed.

she would be terrible in deathmatch.
also 25dps is like nothing.

I think it should start at 5 and upgrade slightly with the healing she has done but not by a lot.

if she dealt 25dps she would be so useless in deathmatch.


Seris, Furia
Case closed


So, needlessly waste all of your healing resource to make your primary equivalent to a McCree’s with approx. 55% acc, with a shield piercing, bouncing AoE on top of that.



Pick Mei and put a wall in front of him every time he tries



How is moira balanced? She can literally aimbot through walls


so now you have noobs just wasting healing spray healing the sky and trees so they can do more damage. Sounds like you are DPS moira in disguise trying to “Tom Sawyer” everyone.


Honestly, if I pick Moira I want to be able to heal and get value from it. So tanks such as rein and DVA are my best friends. Anything that doesn’t have a lot of movement allows me to charge up my ult super fast. Especially in lower ranks where not everyone knows how to play as a tank, I can typically outheal the damage as long as they arent playing all that stupid. Rarely do I ever go off and try to be DPS moira. You will get picks by sending off orbs or just holding your m2 whenever a team fight is happening


I still believe you are trying to fix a problem that will fix itself over time, and hitting a lot of wrong targets on your suggestions.

If you think your Moira is doing a DPS job, tell them that they are not required to play healer just to fill 2-2-2, and that you’ll handle with a single healer, as long as they play the DPS they want to play.

Stop micromanaging your teammates. They are at the same MMR as you, they are not there to be lectured, unless they asked.

Yep, she is constantly self-healing for 30 HPS. I wish Moira healing card showed how much of her healing stat was on Biotic Grasp self-healing to be able to point that out.


If your DPS can’t outgun 50 DPS, the problem isn’t on Moira.


Or you can just waist your healing so you can be a stronger dps.


Not gonna lie, I came in prepared to poop on the idea, as I don’t think good Moira players deserve to have less fun because there are bad Moiras out there, but this is a cool idea.

I do think the above mentioned flaw of just spraying wasted heals warrants consideration though.


Moira does not need a buff or a nerf.

She is fine as she is and is essentially perfect the way she is. You can spin this any way you want in your head to make sense of it but this would overall be a nerf to Moira since even if you are solo healing as Moira this won’t enable you to actually heal any more than you already should, but you lose out on damage potential for being over 50% on heal juice? Like… why?

Listen, if Genji can’t ever be tweaked for X Y and Z reasons Moira shouldn’t be changed for X Y and Z reasons.

After all… wouldn’t people say the stats speak for themselves on win rate and pick %? People do tend to always use that stuff as an indicator for why things are balanced or not even though it would make Reinhardt look OP (which I don’t think he is) or make Ana look mandatory (which she clearly isn’t across the ranking board).


Breaking news: DPS player complains when others don’t heal him, never plays healer himself