An idea to prevent "dps Moira"


I think your suggestion would have the unintended side effect of having Moira’s deliberately expend Biotic energy in order to do more damage.

I could imagine a lot of games where Moira is simply throwing healing into thin air in order to start the fight with more DPS in the hopes that by doing DPS from the start she will have enough resource to heal.

It also punishes good Moira players for managing their resource well, if a highly skill Moira player wishes to use exactly the amount of Biotic energy required to heal their DPS is being punished for skillful management.

Please check out this suggestion for Moira changes to her Biotic grasp, just like yourself it’s a suggestion aimed at tackling how Moira plays rather than her actual balance but I’ve approached it slightly differently. The more feedback we get on these types of posts the more likely it becomes and issue that gets addressed, in one form or another.


Thats why i suggested the following change too (bolded part middle):


So… another buff to genji and tracer?


So pretty much you want Moira to be nerfed and punish the players who use her correctly because the lower ranks tend not to use her the way you like, Got itm nerfing in a nutshell.


By having no utility to speak of and essentially a heal bot who can be denied the ability to heal, exemplified by how hard she falls off in high elo? That’s not balanced.

Make her hurtbox accurate on grasp and increase her damage to compensate, bad moira’s will get punished for trying to dps and good players will be rewarded by actually having a decent damage average, allowing her to bring more to the team.


At this point I think we’ve moved a little way away from resource management and we’ve definitely reduced Moira’s accuracy requirement.

As I’ve said in my suggestion thread, some of the feedback I’ve seen frequently is that Moira at the higher level doesn’t have much opportunity to express skill.

She’s often considered a character that ‘tops out’ and that many players are able to play her to her full potential without any significant room for improvement.

I think if we make it so that she is unable to erroneously expend Biotic energy then that removes careful resource management from the equation and you can just hold down left click the entire time with the knowledge that you won’t use resource unless someone needed it.


That will just make her spam her healing in general direction just to get rid of it regardless if there is anyone to heal or not otherwise she won’t be able to defend herself running around with full tank.

if want to get rid of dps moira, give her a reload or make her slow down when shooting.


It would still require resource management, i mean seriously apart from quickplay and spawnroom messing how many times you see a moira randomly spraying away into the open air and such?

If someone is not under direct fire and is relatively safe you just spray for a sec and he gets passively healed 50 hp.

If someone is under direct fire you just spray till hes safe.

Literally thats all resource management in moira’s case. With or without my suggested changes she doesnt really loses any kind of resource management unless we consider it skillful that you dont just go and spray the air or already full hp teammates.


Dps for 5 seconds, reload, dps for 5 seconds, reload…repeat ad infinitum. Seriously what up with the community and this constant “reload will fix it” madness.

  • DPS moira empties resource meter to max out dps.
  • Proceeds to dps.

Same issues could be involved. But it’s a pretty good idea.


Reloading puts her on the same page with the other dps except she deals less damage.

Slow down while shooting could work too.

Do you have any better ideas?


Here ya go, a modified variant of OP’s suggestion:

Moira’s damage could scale with the percentage of her healing resource that’s available.

  • At 100-75% resource, Moira deals 25 dps
  • At 75-50% resource, Moira deals 50 dps (that’s what she does right now)
  • At 50-0% resource, Moira deals 75 dps

Moira can now only use up her heal energy when it actually heals a player.

  • At 100-75% resource moira heals 100/sec (active heal) and 55/sec (passive remainder heal)

  • At 75%-50% resource moira heals 80/sec (active heal) and 50/sec (passive remainder heal)

  • At 50-0% resource moira heals 60/sec (active heal) and 45/sec (passive remainder heal)

The orb follows similar ruling:

At 100-75% resource it heals 65/sec and damages 60/sec, at 75-50% it heals 75/sec and damages 50/sec (current amount) at 50-0% it heals 85/sec and damages 40/sec.


I mean some players misjudge the distance and expend some resource when it’s not hitting.
Fast moving allies can require quick reactions to not waste resource.
Plenty of players accidentally use the wrong spray type in small bursts, wasting resource trying to heal an enemy or something.
Don’t reserve healing when a barrier is stopping spray pass it.

There are only really small mistakes you can make with her left click and I feel that to suggest we take the small mistakes and remove them as aspects of her gameplay is only lowering the skill floor when what Moira needs really is to increase the skill ceiling in a meaningful way.


But the thing is that these mistakes are soo small they are almost unnoticable. I simply cannot consider avoiding them as skill, because to me they are at the same level as using wasd.

If they are really part of the skill floor moira has that means shes already at the absolute bottom.


It seems like Moira was supposed to be go-to healer for lower tiers, but people can’t trust Moira players with not going full DPS.


That not what Moira needs. It makes me mad that a Moira thinks she’s healing but is doing a terrible job. 20% team healing is bad and you aren’t doing your job. You’re mainly self healing yourself and not the team.

I’m a Moira one trick and I know bad Moira players when I see them.

Moira does need a buff especially for GM.


It’s a nice idea but it wouldn’t really solve anything, if anything it would make the problem worse.
People who play DPS Moira will just spend all her resources as fast as possible to keep the higher damage and additionally the people who complain that Moira is OP will just complain more.




“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


The game shouldn’t be balanced around bad players. Despite saying this wouldn’t nerf Moira it still makes a problem of Moira’s who can effectively balance their heals to not be able to defend themselves.