An idea to prevent "dps Moira"


This is the most amazing idea I’ve ever seen.


Honestly, I like the concept. However, what if she drains enough HP to make her damage worse?


I don’t like the idea of using hero balance to correct a Pebcak.


It’s an interesting idea, but wouldn’t this punish good moira’s who manage their resources really well?

Like if i’m doing good and a genji jumps me i’ll probably have like 30 dps to defend myself with.

The better I am at keeping my resource high, the more i’m punished


That’s my problem with most of these kinds of posts; they all punish Moiras utilizing their kit effectively along with those who aren’t. I’m not a fan of balancing around those people.


The incentive is if someone else pick your hero. So, it’s necessary to have one in reserve for such cases. Probably two or three would be better, in case someone else pick the reserves as well.

But truth be told, that immensely more common for people who main popular heroes. As a former Sym/Torb main, I’ll tell you that it was absurdly rare that I was in a team where other people would pick both my mains.

I’m not found of the idea of picks and bans in Overwatch for the general public. I think it might be useful to make OWL and Contenders more interesting to watch, but I know if they implement such a rule, it would affect pros and ladder together, and in ladder it would be used more as petty revenge than strategically.


DPS Moiras are just supports who want to dps but lack the mechanical skill to do so.

Knowing that, making bio grasp require more precise aim would eliminate 90% of them


shoots heals at enemies for a period of time


The committed dps moiras will just spray in front of them, spending meter and not healing anyone.


What happens if i decide to always waste my healing so i can be an even stronger dps Moira? Pretty sure your idea encourages even more dpsing as Moira since wasting resources will be rewarded while staying at a good percent is punished.


If she didn’t have the most broken A/D crouch strafe of any character in the game maybe she wouldn’t be so enticing to go 1v1 someone. You don’t often see Zenyatta’s doing it because they know they’re very likely to take damage and die.


As primarily a hitscan player, I can tell you with certainty she does not have the most broken A/D/crouch spam. That would be Baby D.Va, Soldier, and Tracer.

Moira is average.


As primarily a hitscan dps player, I can very confidently say soldier does not have a broken a/d spam. Baby dva is hardly ever on the field, and tracer’s head doesn’t bob around nearly as much as moiras. Moira quite literally leans her entire body into her turns with full blown naruto run animations and her crouch reduces her height by at least half.


What stops Moira from wasting that biotic charge into wall, to get high damage? She isn’t Mercy, she doesn’t need healing target to use her healing spray.


time to waste healing pre-match so its 0% then get ez dps


Before anything else i got to point out that this would not make healing encouraged.

Also these numbers seem a bit too harsh, how about 100-75% decreased damage, 75-50% standard damage, below 50% increased damage. Moira still needs to defend herself so a downtime where you are weak while you dont heal can be really dangerous for her.

Think with the mind of the common player, you waste away your heal energy you suddenly become a dps. Instead of healing your team you now just spray into the open air whenever its possible to max out your dps.

Thought there is a way to fix this what is another buff(nerf?) to moira’s systems. Now you only waste heal energy when you are actually healing someone.

Also just a suggestion but i think the same must be applied to healing. The more resource you have the more you should heal to compensate for the loss of dps at 51-100%.

  • At 100% resource, Moira heals 100/sec (active heal) and 55/sec (for remainder) [preferably its 100-75% resource]
  • At 50% resource, Moira heals 80/sec (active heal) and 50/sec (for remainder) [preferably its 75-50% resource]
  • At 0% resource, Moira heals 60/sec (active heal) and 45/sec (for remainder) [preferably its 50-0% resource]

Also can be made in an inverted favor too.




If people don’t want to heal, you can do everything, but they won’t suddenly want to heal.


its better to try rather than just “ehh they wont change”


They will change to Lucio with speed boost then, and you still won’t have healer. Doesn’t sound like an improvement.

All healers in game have ways to not heal, so you’ll have to fix every single healer to make people heal.