An idea to prevent "dps Moira"


Anyone with a brain knows Moira is balanced, but her kit encourages people to play a toxic play style.

Everyone has had that Moira on their team at least once - the one who thinks they’re a dps that doesn’t need to heal.

So here’s a suggestion that doesn’t nerf Moira, but discourages that playstyle:

Moira’s damage could scale with the percentage of her healing resource that’s available.

  • At 100% resource, Moira deals 25 dps
  • At 50% resource, Moira deals 50 dps (that’s what she does right now)
  • At 0% resource, Moira deals 75 dps

Moira would actually get stronger the more she used her healing ability. This would encourage Moira to be a healer first, and does not nerf anything about her kit.


A buff to Moira players who use her as a team player? I wonder how the forum will get outraged at this suggestion.


It’s a decent idea, but then the bad dps flankers on the fourms will whine even more.


I think you mean at 25 or 0% she does 75.
But I actually really like this suggestion, I am concerned that if she gets dove (dived?) and has full or almost full healing she will be easy pickins. I think if her life steal remains the same regardless of damage she does (not getting weaker with full heals but not getting stronger with low heal juice) that would be fine (damage changed by dmg boost or discord would change the self healing (unless it doesnt change in now???))
also is it from 100 to 50% she does 25 healing and 50% to 1% she does 50 and at 0 does 75? because then she would only get that 75 damage for half a second until she regains charge. Which would be a nerf in that case


But what about defending herself?


Honestly what I see happening is Moira’s just using out their resource on nothing so they get the damage boost and going flanking


I flex/support, and it’s important to me that I play Moira like an actual healer.

That said, one of the ways that Moira can support her team is by a) being self-sufficient enough to fend off her attackers; b) helping pick off low-health, hard-to-hit enemies. All she has is healing + damage, with no other utility to speak of, and so if she can’t stand up to flankers anymore, or if her ability to do damage gets reduced, her viability in the support slot will be even worse.

Additionally, there’d be nothing stopping people from uselessly spamming their healing resources everywhere so they can guarantee that they start a fight with 75DPS.

[ED: To be clear, I agree that Moiras should see their priorities as supporting their team first (whether that means contributing HPS or DPS), and fragging out second, but I don’t think building in a system to mess with their abilities is a good way to get that across. Battle Moiras already get punished by losing games, because Moira is not a good DPS hero.]


Can we get an idea to stop Rein from randomly charging into 5 enemies and dying as well?


Wouldn’t this just cause ‘DPS’ Moiras to go even more DPS?


So at 100% healing you do more dps with quick melee attacks? No thanks.


she would have to heal to do more damage. I guess you could just spray your heals at nothing, but if its only 75 at 0% it would almost immediately fill back up so


That’s the point, if a DPS Moira wants to damage they would just keep her resource low, so she doesn’t have to heal.


At most it would shave off a few seconds but then instead of having dps morias, you get dps morias that are constantly at low resources. It actually makes the problem worse.


She already have the second lowest DPS of the game (Mei’s blaster is lower, but comes with CC, so…). If people can’t notice they take 4 full seconds to kill a squishy that is not being healed, lowering it any further will not solve the issue. DPS Moira, like Battle Mercy, eliminate themselves from the MMR pool eventually because it’s just an ineffective strategy.

It’s also a symptom of something else, which is the DPS player that is socially forced into a healer role, but forget to heal. That happen with every other healer too: Zen that forget to keep his harmony orbs in one ally, Lúcio that keep just wallriding near the point and looking for boops instead of staying with the team, Ana that focus more on damaging enemies than healing her team (and unlike Moira, gains nothing from it), Brigitte that want to play as if she is a smaller Reinhardt instead of a backline guard dog, and Mercy that their first instinct upon being attacked is pull the pistol and trying to fight back instead of retreating.

I honestly believe 2-2-2 is probably the most pervasive toxic thought that ever entered this game because people will get out of characters they know how to play just to fill for a role they have no idea playing, and you end up with coward tanks that never push (because DPS should play safe like that), supports that don’t look for the well-being of the team primarily, and (rarely) DPS that aren’t aggressive enough and keep looking for peels because that’s what they want when they play tank/healer.

I’d take a 5 DPS team where everyone is playing their best hero than a 2-2-2 where half the team is playing something they don’t enjoy.


Basically my thought as well. That said I do like the basic concept.

How about something like this: Instead of a flat bonus based on how empty her healing gauge is, grant a small temporary DPS buff whenever she heals someone with LMB that’s capable of stacking?


Proceeds to empty heals
Alright time to dps


That would require a nerf to her base stats to be balanced. Changing a character based on how stupid people play them just opens the door for restrictions that hurt normal players.


Honestly I’d rather they actually fix the balance problems that exist rather than worry about bad Moiras in scrub-tier play playing poorly.

Moira’s not really a balance issue either way. She could maybe use a minor buff, like being able to heal through barriers again, but she’s certainly not overpowered, and her lack of success at higher tiers is more that Ana is overpowered rather than Moira weak.

Personally I think the biggest problem with Overwatch is that unlike in other games, there’s no real reason for people to leave their comfort zone. It has no systems like Role Queue or Hero Bans to say “hey, you have to expand your hero pool”.

Someone who can literally only play one hero or one role is a complete meme in other games, but in Overwatch it’s the norm.


That encourages Moira to deplete her main healing resource rather than trying to conserve it. To me Moiras that just slam down that LMB and waste all their healing is already a bigger problem than DPS Moiras


This would punish Moira players who are very good at balancing their recourse meter and healing though