An idea on how brig can be more easily dealt with


Shield Bash
-Now boops the enemy away and disables any movement abilities for 5 seconds
-Cooldown increased to 8 seconds

-Now only heals 10 HP/sec for Brigitte

-Shield gain decreased from 15 to 10 every .5 seconds

For her bash, I wanted something that can repel dive, but also not be a stun. If she knocks back enemies and disable their movement abilities, then she can create space for herself, while also forcing the enemy to make a desision. Either they try to dive in again, in which they will most likely lose due to her excelling at close range, or retreat, giving Brig time to escape.

For her passive, i think its a good ability, but it’s too effective in terms of self sustain, so if you cant just tone it down a bit, that would be great.

Finally, for her ult, it’s good, but the armor gain is too much, so if you can tone that down too, then that will also be great.


Or you can not bring mid-range/long-range heroes into a close quarters fight with a hero who specializes in fighting within 6 meters?


these are really heavy nerfs for her that would put her to f tier, in what ways would you buff her to keep her viable?


Lol Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8


She’s fine where she is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve said it a couple times now, and I guess I’ll say it again.

Putting a boop onto her bash is not the answer. Shoving away whoever gets close to you is completely counter intuitive to have on a hero who’s focused around fighting in close quarters.

It only works on her whip shot because it has a much larger range, giving it that final “all or nothing” attempt at killing an escaping enemy (either they die, or they just get booped away even further, helping them escape).


this would remove her abiity to counter Tracer and Genji so no this is a big nerf
also 2 boop abilitys for a close range Hero is a awful idea