An idea for Mercy


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Why are you still trying? People have been suggesting fixes for months now and they have constantly gone ignored. Devs don’t care about Mercy.


“Mercy is fine.”
INB4 10 nerfs later.

Anyways, I’d say bring up the idea anyways, it could have a different reaction compared to back then.


This pissy attitude is why the forums hate Mercy players. If there weren’t constantly somebody huffing about how ~devs don’t care~ in these threads they might get a little further.


Geoff answered my question about Mercy last week

This isn’t the first time the Devs have discussed Mercy, though. They’ve said multiple times they have no intention of reverting her or bringing back mass rez, and have said more recently they see her as being in a pretty balanced spot (in video interviews via twitch and youtube).

That’s true, Geoff answered my question because I was being nice/respectful towards him in the thread, not attacking him or whining. Kindness goes a long way, Devs are people too.


I hope i wasnt being rude or anything in my post i just wanted other opinions about the idea.


How about instead of just taking away 50 health we give her a burst heal which trades some of her own health for extra healing?

It doesn’t have to be 50, could be 30 or something and it would be activated by hitting the reload button.

It fits her “selfless” personality well and shouldn’t be OP or anything, but a little burst heal is exactly what Mercy needs to give her a little more impact as a main healer, I think the risk management of purposely loosing some of your own hp would be fun and fits right in with Mercy’s play-style.


This type of attitude is unreasonable, childish, and simply nonsensical.

The person you’re quoting doesn’t have a Mercy profile pic, doesn’t state that they play Mercy. Has a private profile so you can’t tell if their a Mercy player, but yet you draw the conclusion that Mercy players are bad people from it?


You weren’t being rude at all, I actually think your idea is pretyy interesting.


I don’t need to see a gameplay resume to call out pissy behavior, and I wasn’t drawing the conclusion that Mercy players are bad from what was said, but I can see why you interpreted it that way.

My point was that posts like Pequod’s feed into the negative stigma surrounding Mercy mains and they don’t get these threads anywhere. Whether it’s coming from a Mercy player or a Mercy hater, ‘give up lul’ isn’t helpful. That’s all I was saying.


Half right. No intentions at that time of a Revert. Jeff did not say that Mass Rez was gone forever in the first 2 messages from Jeff (both not in the Mercy Mega-threads), though after a year an a half…

But taking a Main Healer and reducing her to a Pocket Only Healer, especially once the 16th Nerf on PTR to her Damage Boost, it is no wonder that people who play Mercy are upset.

Sure, one could go Pharah/Mercy (Widowmaker, Hanzo, etc.) but could also do healing for other Heroes. The way the Nerf Train is heading, Mercy and the Hero she is pocketing will be penalized heavily if Mercy for 1 second tries to heal/damage boost anyone else or pulls out her pistol to attempt to defend herself. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a fun way to play the game to me (an many other people).


She’s still a main healer. Yes, she is a pocket healer too, she was still a pocket healer back with 60 HPS, still a pocket healer with Mass Rez. She’s always been a pocket healer, that’s what happens when you have single target healing and damage boost beams.

She is still a main healer, she just is bad at healing extremely tank heavy lineups like (triple tank), and is bad at supporting Reinheart. But with any other tank combos, she’s great. She’s the best dive healer, and anti-dive healer. No other main support can heal through shields/Winston bubble and also Defense Matrix eats the other main healer’s abilities, making Mercy the best at peeling for people against dive.

She even solo heals some games in OWL, or is the main healer with a Zen.

Also, you can make her work in tank heavy comps. Luminum was playing a comp game on stream (Diamond-masters sr range) and was solo healing 5 tanks as a Mercy. He had 10,500 healing after 3 minutes.

You can play Mercy as a teamwide main healer, I do it every day, it’s how I enjoy playing her. And we win most games, and I get a card for 30-45% of team damage healed at the end of every game. I’m never and off healer as Mercy, idk where this notion came from.

Mercy isn’t on a nerf train. She was nerfed multiple times during Moth meta because she was OP, then received 2 buffs to Valkyrie/her ult charge, and is getting potential damage boost buffs soon if Geoff’s statement is correct. If anything, she’s on a buff train/upwards trend at the moment.

That’s a huge overexaggeration. I rarely pocket people with Mercy and I do amazing in my games. You just have to beam juggle, it’s a primary skill for the hero.

Or maybe instead of doing this, Mercy players should be using her amazing Guardian Angel so they can still heal/damage boost while staying alive? Is that not how she is supposed to be played?


She wasn’t bad when she had 60 hps, but that Nerf went through and Tanks are not surviving nearly as well with Mercy unlike say Lucio, Brigitte, Moria, or Ana (funny how it used to be Ana who had problems in triple take metas).

Sure seems like it with 15 Nerfs and only 1 Buff, the addition of ‘Bunny Hop’ glitch, is a bit much and goes beyond just fixing the Moth Meta. OH, you mean the ‘Revert’ of 50 hps back up to 60 hps in Valkyrie only? Yeah, I hear that called a buff a lot, but actually it is not since it had a previous form that it went back to (60 hps down to 50 hps, then back up to 60 hps sure sounds like a revert to me). As for fixing her Ult Charge, she was putting out less healing thanks to going from 60 hps down to 50 hps outside Valkyrie, thus they had to make a change because it was taking a lot longer to gain Ult.

But, the way the next update is gonna work on the PTR is that if Mercy is not Damage Boosting say Reinhardt before he starts his charge, say she catches him in mid charge, no damage boost will occurs. Thus, it is a wasted damage boost since it won’t do anything even though the person being pinned should take extra damage from a damage boosted Reinhardt (replace with Reinhardt’s Hammer Down, Pharah’s Ult, etc.). Sorry if I do not see that as a Buff to her abilities.

Yeah, I can understand that if something like Pharah’s missiles being boosted after being fired seems unfair, but so was the Nerf damage boosting Hanzo’s Ult (Junkrat’s Ult, D.Va’s ult, etc.). Damage boosting from Mercy in game is going down due to the 'Fix" for Mercy on the PTR.

An if it takes 15 Nerfs for “Balance”, perhaps they shouldn’t have done the Rework in the first place. You don’t sledge hammer something if it wasn’t broken, which the Rework definitely was. But isn’t it about time that Mercy stops getting sledgehammered (Nerfed) left and right?


When? Ana invented Triple Tank meta…she owns triple tank meta. I’m confused rn…

That’s a buff. Increasing her healing ult by 20% is a buff, regardless of what it used to be several patches earlier. If that’s a revert, then when they changed her regular HPS from 60 to 50 that was a revert too, not a nerf :slight_smile: Because she used to have 50 healing. So her healing wasn’t ever nerfed then, it was just reverted. That’s your own logic…

I never said it was a buff?

The rework was necessary, but obviously came out VERY overtuned and overpowered. However, the intention behind it was very good: make Mercy more interactive, give her more decisions during her ult and not just forcing her to hide behind a wall and stop healing, break down mass rez into several tempo rezzes, etc.

Yeah, it required a lot of nerfs, but she’s in probabaly the most balanced spot she has been in since launch, and only suffering currently due to GOATS meta (Which should be gone when PTR goes live). When PTR is live, she will be extremely viable, and if she gets any minor healing buffs or boost abilities, and any potential damage boost buff, she will be in the best state she has ever been in. I’m excited to see where the Devs take her from here.

She hasn’t been sledgehammer nerfed for 7-8 months. Her last nerf was in July.


How soon we forget… It was right after her big Nerf, right before Mercy with Mass Rez started getting played more. But it was still more Lucio/Zenyatta, but at least Mercy was viable. Ana wasn’t getting played for the most part for over a year.

Your own words my friend.

But she also hasn’t stopped being Nerfed. 15 Nerfs currently, an not all were necessary in many people’s opinion. Ana and Moria can Burst Heal, Lucio and Zenyatta can over heal or super heal. Mercy can do neither an without Mass Rez, for 1-3 Tempo Rez being the most used way of using Mass Rez (not ‘Hide and Rez’ like many streamers touted), she has no burst potential by resurrecting multiple Heroes. Her Ult, lets be honest, is not Ult worthy when she can pull it and still watch her team die and not do anything about it. Lucio, Zenyatta, Ana’s Nade, Moria’s Orbs and Ult, even Brigitte gives out Armor to help sustain her team. You may be able to use Mercy to heal her team well enough, not great like the others, but well enough. Mercy has been brought down to a level that for many people she cannot do her job, which is healing her teammates.


So anyone that doesn’t like Mercy’s state makes them a mercy main now


Welcome to the club. If you want Mercy to get a Buff and make her viable again, you are against the Streamers and players that dislike Mercy. If you are not with us you are against us, thus you MUST be a Mercy Main that wants her OP again.

I, personally, am a Mercy Main but want her FUN again, not OP. An Mass Rez was never OP. It was annoying, especially if used against me, but not OP like the Rework was. Case in point:

Annoying that the enemy Mercy pulled an original ‘Huge Rez’ after we cleared the point. It still didn’t save the game for them, they lost the Match anyways.
What gets me is how fluid those game plays were, Rez an move on. Try a single Rez and you are a sitting duck for 1.75 seconds, it has the longest cool-down of any ability in the game (30 seconds), it doesn’t reset cool-down upon death, an if it fails it goes into cool-down an you cannot try again. An ‘THIS’ is fair and balanced?


you’re definitely not going to stop me sorry hun!


lol nope. My words were referring to the POTENTIAL damage boost buffs Geoff mentioned in this post:

Your words were referring to the current PTR damage boost changes:

Which I never called a buff. Two different changes. I am talking about future changes, you are talking about the changes that are on PTR right now.

I disagree completely. Valkyrie absolutely has the potential to save people. You do 60 HPS again, and your beams heal all allies in range. That’s 300 potential HPS, for a total of 4500 healing possible during your ultimate, whereas outside of valk you can only do a maximum of 750 healing within the same time frame. Just think about those numbers for a second, that’s a pretty huge increase in healing output. The increased beam range allows you to support your team even if they are spread out, the chains allow you to heal teammates out of your direct LoS. Your team basically gains 4 extra Mercy players, each one pocketing someone, for an entire 15 seconds. That’s crazy impactful. Literally, just imagine having 5 Mercy players on your team, in addition to your other 5 teammates, for 15 seconds during a teamfight. That’s what Valkyrie is.

Which is why I suggested giving Mercy a healing boost ability on her Reload button while healing, and Geoff said it’s “certainly possible” so who knows :woman_shrugging:

Except, that’s kind of good. Before, anyone could play Mercy and be extremely effective, getting lots of value for little work. Now, Mercy players have to be really good at healing and beam juggling to be an amazing healer, which is good, he skill floor/ceiling is significantly higher now than it was. I still do amazing with her as a main healer, almost always getting 30-45% of team damage healed and never being outhealed by anyone else. I can also solo heal with relative ease. The only issue is that she is currently TOO demanding for not enough reward, in my opinion. A few buffs/tweaks can easily fix that though (like making Valk 12 seconds with increased healing on the main beam, cutting rez cast time in half during valk, giving her a heal boost on reload, etc.).

Something like what EeveeA herself suggested:
(Suggestions for Mercy from someone with too much time on her 📝):

Also doing something like this to rez to make Mercy even more skillful and differentiate bad Mercy players from good ones:


i don’t think mercy would ever be overpowered because of her survivability and i think if they reduced her health to 150 hp she’d be as bad as she was when the game first got released (if you’re not informed back then mercy’s passive would activate after 3 secs of not taking damage) which made her very squishy and she couldn’t utilize her mobility as a result of that this would hurt her a lot more than 60 hp/s healing could ever help her