An Idea for Mercy From a (Non-Mercy) Support Main

And so you want mercy to be reverted to something like him? Terrible and outclassed?

No, that means their arguments hold more weight than you give them credit for.

You should be punished for not focusing down their main healers first.

you shouldn’t just be able to throw 6 ults at a team and just win the match.

not much leg room for complaining when they literally sacrificed ult advantage for a team that supposedly didn’t have their main healer?

Im pretty sure im advocating for a rework that solves her issues.

(and his ult is actually a lot better now that its not as slow as before and currently mcrightclick is kinda op)

How so? they made an op rework happen for my favorite hero of which I hated because it ruined everything the hero was previously instead of building upon it.

The thing is that Mercy has no issues except that her healing in valk is to low.Otherwise people just say “She doesn’t feel fun”

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Yes im well aware of how it works.

This is why mass rez reworked would have a cast time :man_shrugging: among the numerous other changes it could possibly have if necessary as this would be a rework.

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there are plenty of issues with 2.0

its why she’s currently up and why all the goats counters are non-viable.

they bank on mercy to be successful and because mercy suffers so do they.



Also seagull has gone on record to say the massrez wasn’t as bad as he had previously thought.

so no I don’t think their arguments hold as much weight anymore.

Prove it

Nope. I’m simply reciprocating the way you speak to others. It isn’t nice is it? It doesn’t feel great, does it? Before coming at me for my tone you need to take a deep, long look in the mirror.


I’m trolling the troll, yes.

Faith is not a path to truth, but someone like you would rely on it.

Also, if you get actioned on (which you definitely should), it won’t be for the word “thot”

That, however, just illustrates how much you are actually paying attention to what you are saying.

I am literally done with you now. This is no longer entertaining for me, so I will take my leave.

Good luck Megadodo, Hansqz, and everyone else

You know what.I hope they implement that ult.Just so you people can see that it’s just another mccree ult.As if the enemy won’t just focus her down.As if Lucio,,mccree,rein,brigitte,ana,domfist,ashe,roadhog,sombra,junkrat,pharah,orisa won’t just be able to CC her out of it.

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That’s kinda just counterplay with most heros is it not?

Not really.Most heroes don’t get stunned(as in unable to move) while they ult.

Why do you care about Rez being counterable? Unless you were one of those Hide&Rez fools, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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that’s just blatantly not true at all.

Yeah.Mcree gets stunned(as in unable to move,or extremely slowly).You’re right

Im talking about getting stunned as counterplay like you were talking about with counterplay with mercy???

did you forget about that?

Yeah,but you can avoid stunns more easily.When you actually can move during your ult

No. What you’re advocating for would ruin her. And you should try McCree some time. See how OP he really is. No, I’m not saying his right click needed to be changed or be as powerful as it is. Try using his ult to see how well channeled LoS 25% move speed for 2 seconds really is while you glow as bright as the sun.

And not everybody did once she was toned back to her current iteration.

Well somewhat but its not like being in ult for most heros is going to give them advantage at dodging stuns.

They literally use his ult just to recharge.Using it for it’s intended pupouse is just suicide.His right click is more impactfull than his ult.Sandity do you know what I’m getting here at?XD