An anti-reverter mercy main's response to Aria Rose's mercy bingo

That video is a meme in its fullest form due to phase 12. Good job


Um no, it’s considered a failure for multiple reasons.

One was to discourage Mercy’s from hiding and stop healing their team. While it succeeded in preventing the hiding part (partially), the addition of the cast time completely threw this reason out, as now you literally having to stop healing to res someone.

Two, to keep Mercy feeling engaged in the fight instead of avoiding it . While again, partially succeeded, Mercy doesn’t exactly feel engaging to play, because unless there is a Hitscan ultimate going there’s no feeling of pressure or anything you have to worry about. Have to juggle between team mates? Chain beams makes this way too easy. Have to constantly avoid danger from enemies? Fly to the skybox, no reason not too. Then again they can just power though your healing so why does it matter? You can’t stop anything, you can’t provide a massive amount of healing to one person to keep them alive. It doesn’t feel like it does anything. No one goes out and says “Wow nice Valkyrie Mercy!” or “That Valk was clutch”.

Three, it was to change how Mercy played, not her power level. I’m pretty sure it’s obvious as to why it failed in this regard too.

Four, it drastically lower her skill ceiling. The only difference between a GM Mercy and a Silver Mercy is decision making. That’s it. There’s no fancy tricks to learn. She’s not even reliant on position because her ultimate literally takes all form of skill away from Mercy.

Five, the absurd amount of nerfs she’s gotten don’t exactly say that it was a success. She’s at minimum had 9 nerfs (this is honestly in flux so much that idk that exact number but it’s at least nine).

Honestly I could go on but yeah, it was not a success in really anything it wanted to do.


The hypocrisy in this comment… have you watched your own videos? I suggest rewatching some of them they’re the definition of toxicity and quoting some of what you said there over here would get you instantly silenced…


that girl is the embodiment of mercy.

She clearly doesnt know what the game was like back then or why it was

Ana and lucio were at the top of the totem pole back then because A. Ana was overpowered and meta B. lucio was mandatory. The game has changed massively. And heres advice to pro-mercy revert players. They will never, ever go back to mass rez. That is a bundle of problems they will definitely not mess with again.

You want mercy to be fun again, ask for a rework that isnt a revert.

The supports are all around the same in pickrate as well as winrate except in GM and in bronze.


Ok then.


So basically give mercy a different version of zens discord orb, i cant see that at all making her insanely powerful like discord orb made zen mandatory for an eternity. Definitely not.

I do not know what to think of the ult change, too on paper for me.


Lol? Zen’s discord has no cooldown whereas Pacify has a CD and it only debuffs the base damage of the enemy. Also, it requires aim.

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Its referencing the debuff to similarity, and different due to the cd, aim requirement, etc.

Giving her a debuff capability while also having a buff capability still would just be annoying.


Still a better suggestion than, “Cleanse”.

To you.

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Do you not play damage characters, or any character that has a primary goal of doing damage. Damage reduction to a dps would be as powerful as healing reduction to supports.

Im not exactly a ‘lets give mercy a debuff while also having a buff capability, while still keeping resurrect even if its as an ult, which the rework makes it sound even more powerful than prework rez, and then the rest of her kit’


I’m pretty sure that Logan Paul and idiots alike are the worst


Yeah, I only play support heroes so I’m really not qualified to be answering this. :joy:

Yea, basically imagine how upsetting discord orb is for the enemy tank if you play zen. Now imagine how upsetting pacify would be on literally any non support character except zen/brig. Not meaning to be aggro, just showing in a different light


It wouldn’t be that upsetting since Pacify only effects base damage.

Hey lill Sprinkles. Waz up my man

base damage of just lmb, or any damage ability(ones either just annoying or ones severely annoying). And trust me, you would absolutely peev off the dps community if you gave damage weakening debuffs in this game. Dps already hate brig, they dont need to hate mercy even more.

I think a complete and total rework should be done to mercy, not a revert, not messing with the abilities/ults a little bit. I’m talking more of a rework than what symmetra got, because it is clear that her kit is harder to balance than bastions somehow.


Take away rez, limit her healing where it gets drained and has to recharge (faster recharge than moira’s)… give her a new ability that gives her a higher burst healing but that drains her charge faster overheating her staff :man_shrugging:

could be interesting. Honestly at this point it just needs to be something massive. Clearly mercy is the most balanced shes ever been(overbuff pickrates and winrates in comparison with other supports), but now shes completely unfun to play to mercy players, as an ex rein main, ik the struggles of a character being insanely unfun.

Honestly though, we really need a full complete rework on mercy to something new, or at least something incredibly massive.

That means it probably actually worked great but they couldn’t see it. After all,they aldo thought that the initial version of Mercy 2.0 was balanced, LOL, and thought the same about the initial versions of Brigitte and the reworked Hanzo.