An anti-reverter mercy main's response to Aria Rose's mercy bingo

People remember, but that was a long time ago. People also remember the broken amount of SR gains Mercy players were gaining that Blizzard took forever to fix. And when they reworked Mercy, a lot of t500 mercy players fell to diamond.

But I mean, they should have tweaked with mass Rez. Maybe put a 3-man cap on it

I find that hard to believe considering her rework made her skill floor lower.

How do you choose who gets ressed if they die in a pile?

It was the SR fix that mainly made players drop. I’d say more Masters/GM players fell to diamond, but many top 500 Mercy players fell hard.

By who you’re close to I’m assuming. Just like old rez. You’d have to time your resurrection right, which would potentially raise the skill floor.

What if everyone dies in a pile??

Pretty sure I went from 4080 to top 50 on XBL when the reworked Mercy went live. I don’t think it was that impacting

Not every mercy player fell :man_shrugging:t4: Never said everyone did. But many did, especially the ones that were quite literally boosted

Dunno. How would you rework mass rez?

Ah, Titaniums novel of a post. Mercy players seem to really like his (his?) ideas.

Because they are good. :wink:

I agree, they are good. Titanium puts a lot of time into the ideas.


I personally really don’t like Aria rose videos because they can’t be discussed with😭

She feels like that kind of person who thinks she is right and everyone who disagrees is wrong.

People like that really get to me😂

But people like Titanium, much better. When it comes to mercy, we can discuss and come up with ideas👌

That’s the way to go.

(Edit: came across the wrong way, not my intent)

(Edit: forget I said this at all, sorry about that everyone)


That clip is a lot for me lol

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Wow! Rude, dismissive, and entitled! The best combination!


Always left in the dust! :sob::sob::sob:

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Lol, not to me Macster, would never forget about you❤️

Stay amazing😄

Let’s put ourselves in devs shoes for a sec:

We have a portion of the community that hates current mercy…they remind you daily…they are prone to calling you names and basically outright demand that you give a statement on her…supposedly it doesn’t matter if you disagree…just make a statement

also important to point out here that the last statement made on her was very quickly brushed aside as not being clear enough and having very little value…it did very little towards settling anything in those peoples eyes

So let’s assume they have zero intention of reverting her (not exactly a leap given how many nerfs now and refusal to acknowledge this crowd in a years time)…let’s make that (flat) statement and look at the end results shall we? Because after all…ALL you guys want is a statement right? So let’s look at this possibility:

“We want to take a moment to acknowledge the revert mercy crowd and thank them for their passion over their favorite character…we’ve heard your many suggestions for her but we have no intention of (ever) reverting her as we sadly disagree and actually feel that she is in a good place right now and quite fun to play”

That’s a very generic statement (and frankly very similar to Jeff’s prior response)

What would be the end result of that? Let’s look at the possible outcomes:

  • play word games again and claim “right now” is proof that they can change their minds at a later time and continue to flood the forums with more of the same message and claim the devs don’t listen/care - so pretty much what you have now

  • some of you get angry at the response which leads to further calling out devs on forums…anti-blizz outrage spreads…some probably quit the game

  • some of you accept and move on quietly (the least likely scenario given the fervor we’ve seen for past year and past-half year since Jeff’s last response)…

Long story short - they have nothing to gain by coming out and making a statement honestly…and so they don’t


I agree; it’s very much a lose-lose for the devs


What do you think would happen if they made a statement acknowledging that they hear the upset Mercy players and will look at her again but will not be reverting to mass rez?

??? That’s almost identical to what I just said?

The will look at her part? I mean ok(?)…but that’s what they have been doing now for a year…the whole 14-15(?) nerfs thing (I don’t know the actual number)…but you know no revert will make many upset…it’s not like #revertmercy isn’t a thing…

I’m just saying let’s look at the most likely scenario given what we have seen from blizz’s actions over the course of the year

Proceeds to say something dumb.

Well played there buddy!

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I don’t see the part where it says they will look at her again.