Am I the only one that just wants Valkyrie to be buffed?

I just don’t think Valkyrie will ever work as a design without it being either too OP or too bad. I think a lot of people (including me) would take S3 mass res back (the “throw” pick state of mercy) rather than having this boring and badly designed mercy


Nothing but having Resurrect as Mercy’s ultimate again is going to appease the players who liked the hero before her unjustified rework.

Mercy wasn’t some barely picked hero like Symmetra with an overly situational ultimate who actually needed major changes. She was a well-liked hero to many more players, and I can’t be the only one who heard the nervousness in Jeff’s developer update when he announced the rework and tried to reassure people that the hero they knew and loved wouldn’t be mistreated.

Blizzard knew they were playing with fire, and they did it anyway. They deserve all the negative feedback they have gotten for making the changes to Mercy, and they will continue to deserve it until they fix the problem they created.


Why Thank you!
That’s the fist whole-heartedly positive comment I’ve ever gotten on a buff/nerf suggestion. :grin:
That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the feedback, it just gets insulting when you are berated for suggesting something then someone else suggests the same thing and are showered with praise.

Well the formatting didn’t help :sweat_smile:…paragraphs next time,…paragraphs…

(Coming from someone that types…like…this)

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See. I don’t get that. I’ve been playing since the anniversary event last year with experience of prework Mercy and I don’t get how she went from fun to boring by removing Mass Rez. I found her MORE fun and still do.

If someone would care to explain why, I’d be happy to hear that.

I also found her Valkyrie design more fun and engaging (which were the key goals for this rework) before the January Patch. Ever since then she became boring and bland. Mass res at season 3 was far more engaging compared to what we have now as it was high risk high reward. When they added invulnerability to Mercy she felt OP and her ult was no risk high reward. Current she isnt challenging to play too. You can just hold LMB and imagine that you are being effective since 50 hps does nothing. Back then she had far more room for decision making, which currently is not present.

You should read Titanium’s post. They describe what I mean perfectly (its 30 minute read, I recommend reading it)


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Because Blizzard wants Valkyrie to be it’s own thing. That’s why they did so many reworks on it. In the end they realised that Res cannot be balanced on Valkyrie because Resurrect was still the core focus of the ultimate, not Valkyrie.

Also as mentioned at the beginning of the year in Megathread 3 of the NEW forums (let’s not forget the other 7 of the Old Ones), there is no way to improve Resurrect without either…

  1. Making Mercy base kit so obsolete, it superficially makes Valkyrie more powerful, but weakening her base kit will just make her completely unviable.

  2. Make buffs to Valkyrie, but his won’t work…

  • Boost her Pistol speed or damage and she becomes a DPS monster like 2.0 on the PTR
  • Boost her Heal Rate and she will be no different than Zenyatta and will probs be better. Not to mention her healing is already strong enough to mitigate most of the damage
  • Boost her Damage Boost and her team will just chew through everyone and it would be better than Orisa’s ult
  • Boost her Res feature and Res becomes the focus of the ultimate
  • Boost her recovery any further and she becomes virtually immortal
  • Boost her speed and she becomes untouchable…

It isn’t an exaggeration to call Valkyrie a glorified E ability… in fact it is an ability we Mercy’s would have liked when we can’t guardian Angel to people.


Blizzard generally buffs heroes with low pick rates or abnormally low win rates. Not because the hero once was absurdly overpowered to get them back to that state.

I can’t read all of that and respond in a timely fashion, so I apologise for that. However, I did read the first 2 segments. And, say it’s just me if you want (it might well be), but I don’t think people realise how versatile you can be during Valk.

Team need healing? Have some heals!
Oh, you all full now? Let’s activate that mini Supercharger for now.
By the way! That Mcree over there is flanking us.
You guys good for a moment? I can deal with him if you need.
OK, he’s dead. Now, ZIP, I’m back to heal again.
All with a few seconds to spare.

Valkyrie can be powerful if you use it correctly. You commit one ultimate for 2-3 purposes. Like Mass Rez, there are many combinations of things you can do with Valkyrie (See what I did there?) but you have to break the “Spectator mode mindset” for Valkyrie’s fun and mindful playstyle to shine through. I play like this and I do feel like I’m making a meaningful contribution.

Then again, I operate on the “My team comes first” mentality so if I can do anything to save or help my team, I’ll do it (so long as I’m not throwing my life away) and that’s very satisfying.

Going back to buffs. I wouldn’t mind a reduced charge cost or a duration increase now overall healing is lower. :thinking:

You know what dude ? That’s fair

I would give that a chance

While Valkyrie can be versatile, it is pretty useless in most cases. Unless you go battle mercy and kill half the enemy team you cannot make much impact. Your healing is not enough to save your team, supercharger will, again, not save your team from incoming dmg.

Also it is one of these “ultimates” that are denying you from ult charge. This is also something I don’t like. With mass res you Ressed when needed and then went on bulding another ult. Current you ult, save noone, fly back to spawn to regroup and start building your ult from 0 when the next fight breaks out… Valkyrie is a really poorly designed ultimate if you ask me.

Also I want to say that the cost is much higher than mass res and for what it provides it is pretty high. Its like the ultimate is high cost really low reward (quite literally)

EDIT: everyone other support ultimate can sustain the team thru ultimates or enable them for a big play. While mercy’s ultimate is just “a bit of this (zen) a bit of that (orisa) bit oh here (pharah) and a pistol”. It seems good but there is nothing unique to her ultimate and its not even impactful. Her ult is currently killed and put on E


Because I can’t quote my own quote that you edited, I’ll just use quotation marks.

“Often times during ANY ultimate your heals are not enough.”
Perhaps because that’s not what it’s for? Valkyrie is for sustain in a fight where ultimates have already been used or are not currently being used. It’s also not my responsibility as healer to exclusively protect you. We have more than enough ways to counter ultimates that don’t involve healing through them. If I’m supposed to use Valkyrie to heal through an ult, what are the tanks doing, and if we have a Brigitte what is she doing?

“Falshbang+fan the hammer/ deadeye. Any decent DPS can take you out of Valk easily.”

First, my pistol has a 72m range. I’m an idiot who deserves to die if I’m getting that close. Second, Deadeye is one of the best ways to disrupt Valkyrie but I have yet to see ANY Mcree solo target a Valkyrie Mercy who’s after them with Deadeye. Third, I have Regen and mobility on my side with GA as a failsafe if things begin turning sour. I don’t even have to deal with it, simply using the flight to scout enemy positions while in the air and alerting my team should have the effect of the DPS helping me if I need it or at least be ready for it.

“If they have a DPS consistently pumping of dmg while you are gone they are most likely dead.”

Hello? Tanks? Secondary healer? Are you there? Yes? So our team won’t immediately die if I have to leave you for a second? That’s good to hear. It takes a few seconds but my team don’t just lay down their weapons if their healer isn’t there. Have a little faith.
Either that or you are leaving a damaged team with low self-preservation. Why would you do that?

Valkyrie has two main benefits over any of it’s comparable ultimates duration and flexibility. It’s not going to make you win a losing fight like Mass Rez could but it’s going to keep the momentum in your favour or give you a starting advantage when combined with a competent team.

Yet here I am asking for a buff while simultaneously explaining why people don’t give Valk enough credit. Go figure.

That is one of the main reasons I hate valkyrie. All ultimates can turn the tide of a battle and valkyrie is just. MM… not. Its just “Oh ye, we already won, so lets close the fight faster” ult

Its really hard hitting shots that travel with 25m/s from far away

These are just scenarios, but yes. Sometimes your team won’t have second healer or a shield tank, you know…

I think its duration is one of the cons of the ult. Its too long and most likely the teamfight will be over by its duration. You most likely can’t start charging another ult immediately after it

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Remove Valkyrie and Ressurect start over, this trash rework will never be “skillful”.

Make her beams disconnect when shields/barriers are around. Give her a skill shot E ability. Give her an actual ultimate that has pressence and not just turning her into some floating fixture in the sky.

Mass ressurect can be balanced but since this failure of an indie team doesn’t know what to do then remove it altogether and start over.


You are certainly not the only one, and your idea isn’t a bad one either. I like the direction of it, since it tries to solve a problem from both sides.

Hmmm… I’d vouch for a damage reduction and a healing buff in her ultimate form if we’re going to have a cast time and LOS. I think that would be a pretty fair compromise.

Another idea would be to have res be instant, but make them individual ressess. To compensate they could remove her E move altogether. Making them resource based res-charges that are locked behind Q, or making her ult work like McCree’s High Noon could also be some alternative ways to check an instant mass res.

Just some thoughts! :slight_smile:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

While I don’t disagree with Valk needing a slight buff. 50 hps during remainder of game is not enough.

Yet Mercy was in the top 1st to 3rd place in terms of Pick Rate. She got the Ana/Reinhardt treatment…

D.Va was a success cause she went from 10th/11th spot (competing with Genji) to dominant 2nd Place in the overall pick rates whilst Mercy escalated from 9% Pick Rate at 1st place to 14.8% at the peak of Version 2.4/3.0 (until the previous iteration which was 3.1)

Blizzard aim was probs to lower Mercy’s pick rate because she has been in the top for too long, her win rate was near 50% so she was balanced. But sadly, Version 2.0/2.1 was just overkill… it had the opposite effect as it made her even more popular!

This is why she had so many reworks within the 6 months of 2.1’s release.

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Why does it have to affect rez? Maybe healing stream gives some percentage of damage reduction as well as healing. Boom, useful again.

I think they should buff Valk if they’re not agreeing to rework her or remove res.
Increase her HPS in valk, make GA faster, and duration back to 20s.