Am i the only 1 experiencing random lag?

My game could run overwatch smoothly on high settings until the new patch got released. After it got released even on the lowest settings ever possible when i’m alive i can only get 20-30 fps and when i die the number skyrockets to 150 or so but when i respawn it goes back to 20-30 fps. I even tried re-installing the game and it didnt work. Pls help.

I have the same Issue, about 1 year ago I player overwatch on high settings easily and always had like 120 fps, but now, as I started playing again, I only have 10-20 fps ingame. If I am spectating someone or if I am in the start menu, it works easily, I have like 110 fps. But as I start playing myself, the fps goes down to 10-20

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Are you perhaps using a Razer mouse or at least Razer software?

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yes, i am using a razer mouse and a razer headset…
does it matter?.. and if so in which way?

Yes, it does matter a whole lot. Your Razer software is causing the FPS to go down drastically. I have had the same issue and removing any trace of Razer software solved it. As far as I know you can reinstall Razer software again after it is fixed and then it should work properly. I haven’t tried that yet though but others have and it worked for them.

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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks… I. seriously. do. not. know. how. to. thank. you. enough.