Am I not seeing something or is this gold Hog cheating?

Replay code: YFFQRV
or this is this link for the parts I discuss here:

2:50 This is when I became suspicious because I heard him saying hello. But I also know that some people spam this out of habit. I’m also in a very common perch so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he just expected me to be there. But I didn’t take steps so he wouldn’t hear me move and I didn’t try pre-firing because I didn’t want to give away my location from the bullet trail. But he still knew exactly where i was.
[Edit: at 0:18 of the YT vid, for a split second I can see where he sees me there so nevermind I guess]

3:30- This dude lmfao! This is the most sus one to me. He comes back from spawn, walks through the middle of a team fight (lmfao) to go kill the ashe who it seemed like he knew the location of via cheats (based on the fact that it was the whole second point worth of distance but he made a beeline to her). But someone could have also called it out… so idk.

6:05- It seems like he knows the Ana is behind the wall. But again, maybe he just heard her shots. I don’t know.

Another thing is, this man’s hook accuracy O_O omg
If it’s legit than I tip my hat lol
I’m not saying he’s like a God or anything but it’s definitely vastly better than the stuff I’m used to seeing in my rank haha

Now listen, I’m mostly doing this to find out [if he’s legit] what methods he was using to figure locations out. Just so I’m aware/careful of it going forward. I made sure to watch for bullet streams to see if that’s how he was figuring it out but maybe he’s just got a really good headset and hearing callouts?

[Disclaimer] I know I got my tush handed to me that game. No doubt. I’m not saying that’s why we lost. I haven’t played dps in forever, my game sense is generally bad, I’m new to using Widow in comp, blah blah etc etc . But because of the bad game sense, that’s also why I’m wondering about this, I’m practicing/trying to learn and I wanna make sure I’m catching the tells, ya know?

[Edit] The general consensus seems to be that it’s just a trolly smurf. Which I suspected might be the case,. But at first glance, the first time stamp is really creepy lol. But I’ve also noticed that silver/gold actual-cheaters still play scared and stupid for the most part. This hog (and how smurfs typically act in my experience) is that they walk around uncaring. Not necessarily throwing or trying but just trolling cuz they honestly dont care about the final outcome).

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At 3:40 as he walks through the door, Lucio and Ashe are exchanging fire. He legitimately knows she’s there, even if Lucio didn’t call it. He walks past the door, sees other hog and Zarya and wants none of walking into the core of the enemy team so chooses the known isolated Ashe.

In every case, he aims at the corner as he comes around it, like legit pre-aim. I cannot find a case where he pre-aims at the figure through the wall so that his crosshair is already on the target as he rounds the corner, as is typical for wall-hackers.

I also don’t see any unnatural motion on the hooks. His aim is very good, but nothing strange and he does miss, and more importantly, his misses don’t have a different quality of aiming motion (e.g. smooth vs. snap) than his hits.

Look at 12:09, he sees Bap and Torb, and heads up the stairs to get a juicy flank on the support. He’s clearly completely unaware of Ashe, hesistates to aim his hook and then misses. After a bruising, he backs off, gets healed up, comes through the same door that much of the enemy has a line of sight on, misses the hook on Bap and backs off again.

If he had been right, and Bappers had been on that ledge by himself, it would have been a great flank and would have looked just as “suspicious” as his successful flanks. But he wasn’t right, and he didn’t back off even though he would have known what he was walking into if he had wall hacks.

The initial aiming directly at the Widow silhouette through a wall and waving hello is unnerving, but he waves hello to plenty of blank walls throughout the game. I think it’s just coincidence that it was so perfect. And as you noticed he might have seen you.


Wallhack or some type of ESP Hack that tracks Hitboxes for sure. Aim wise, not aimbotting at all.

He wasnt cheating, it is smurf smurfing/trolling.


Not a wallhack. Just a smurf.

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lol thanks for your response, very detailed and I really appreciate it.

Except he was waving several times at completely nothing so I doubt he did that for widow.

He played like he didnt care at all If he win or lose. Why would someone cheat and then troll and not try to win, people cheat to climb.

Using headphones and eyes is cheating I guess.

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You dont need eyes to see.

Join the Unseeing Eye my friend and you will never need eyes anymore ::grin:


the only thing i found suspicious was saying hi and directly targeting widow through walls, BUT, he had just seen widow standing there. and good muscle memory would allow him to be able to target you through wall.
He then waited for a team fight to show his face and hook widow.

First kill her rounds the corner and even starts to look to the right before snapping back to the Widow and landing the hook. The second kill on the Ashe he could clearly see shots coming from that corner and simply moseyed over there to kill her.

Neither of these heroes can delete Hog and neither hero really moved when he appeared so it doesn’t look like anything special let alone hacking.

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appreciate the input