Am I just rustier than a junkyard beetle or have pharah players gotten better?


Getting back into the game after being away from it for some time. Understandably, it will take some time to return to form. But I have noticed people play Pharah in like… every game.

If it was just like 1 dude that was good id be like uh huh yeah mmkay but i have noticed that a lot of them don’t get as close to the ground as they used to and actually realize concussive blast isn’t just for altering their position or environmental boops and have been timing them pretty well to displace hitscans to hamper the accuracy of their shots.

i mean I AM pretty rusty and i’m used to shooting them down a lot faster, but just something i noticed. like only 1 in 10 pharahs are as bad as they used to be as i complete my placement matches.

not a big deal or anything i guess but really stands out from the ELO i played in earlier in this year.


Well she just got one hell of a buff not too long ago.

Its a buff for people that play her well and a nerf for those that casually play her.


I remember hearing about that, but unfortunately I wasn’t really interested in the game at that time. Something something arguably a nerf. idk.

suppose i’ll look into it. just got back into the game waiting for Fortune Island to drop in FH4. Got bored and ended up watching Jayne’s stream and they did the charity event with the DF owner.

i feel bad that his climb to diamond didn’t go as well as he’d hoped… i woulda carried him lmao. got me itchin to play the game again.


Like Kroenen said, Pharah received an adjustment and you can find the patch notes here:

When it was first announced, personally, i found it to be a buff because based off my experience with cool down based abilities games, any reduction in CD especially one as drastic as hers = more damage, not less and any mistakes based off missed shots can be rectified by a quicker reload time and more shots.

Then of course, you throw in the PharMercy thing, Pharah absolutely rules in Bronze and Sliver on PC, from Bronze to maybe even Platinum on the consoles and on certain maps, she is unshakable irrespective of Tier.

Yeah, sorry for the long post but as tank class player predominantly, i find her to be the most oppressive of all characters because if my DPS players are not able to hunt her down, i am pretty much a sitting duck.


Haha have you seen one of my posts? This passes for light conversation.

but yeah i totally sympathize. i think this is the first time i have ever felt like i was actually forced to swap to counter pharah. their hide and seek game still sucks otherwise i’d be worried. but ya i used to 1-2 clip them as tracer all the time.

ppl always act like tracer doesn’t have a counter but anything she can’t reach and anything with vertical mobility and high long range damage is pretty effective against her. maybe for the past 2 years it just really caught pharah players off guard to get ganked by a tracer player or something because now they are pretty alert and aware of their surroundings.

guess i just gotta look at it as an incentive to raise the bar

but that explains a lot. i knew i wasn’t crazy lol. that’s pretty huge for pharah. no wonder i feel like i’m in a bouncy house 24/7.