Altice Dominicana - Latency Issues/Connected to Wrong Server

I went to 3 different branch offices including the main one. As I suspected nothing was going to get done by phone. I got the impression that nothing was going to get done after visiting the first branch either. At the last branch an email was written to a very specific person along with my contact info, now it all depends on if the representative pressed send on the email or if it was all a ruse to get rid of me. We’ll find out soon enough. I will request my contract with them to be terminated without penalty next week if I don’t hear from them.

Here is my results for pinging to the US Central servers.


| WinMTR statistics |

| Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |


| - 0 | 706 | 706 | 0 | 0 | 47 | 0 |

| No response from host - 100 | 142 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 |

| - 0 | 706 | 706 | 3 | 10 | 30 | 10 |

| - 1 | 702 | 701 | 39 | 42 | 85 | 39 |

| - 0 | 706 | 706 | 38 | 42 | 84 | 41 |

| - 1 | 702 | 701 | 33 | 40 | 77 | 40 |

| - 0 | 706 | 706 | 36 | 40 | 80 | 40 |

| - 0 | 706 | 706 | 37 | 43 | 104 | 39 |

| - 0 | 706 | 706 | 42 | 46 | 85 | 45 |

| be3401.ccr22.mia01.atlas.cogentco. com - 0 | 706 | 706 | 29 | 36 | 73 | 35 |

|be3411.rcr21.b002802-2.mia01.atlas.cogentco. com - 0 | 706 | 706 | 33 | 38 | 76 | 39 |

|te0-0-2-0.nr11.b002802-1.mia01.atlas.cogentco. com - 0 | 706 | 706 | 45 | 47 | 89 | 46 |

|gi0-0-0-18.205.nr11.b002802-1.mia01.atlas.cogentco. com - 0 | 706 | 706 | 35 | 43 | 190 | 39 |

| ae1-br01-eqmi2.as57976. net - 0 | 706 | 706 | 151 | 159 | 265 | 157 |

| xe-0-0-0-1-br01-eqat2.as57976. net - 0 | 706 | 706 | 163 | 172 | 252 | 172 |

| et-0-0-4-br02-eqch2.as57976. net - 0 | 706 | 706 | 72 | 81 | 157 | 77 |

| be2-pe01-eqch2.as57976. net - 0 | 706 | 706 | 154 | 157 | 190 | 157 |

| chi-eqch2-ia-bons-02.as57976. net - 0 | 706 | 706 | 157 | 163 | 196 | 165 |

| - 0 | 706 | 706 | 170 | 176 | 210 | 176 |


With that on the top said, I’m sorry that we still having this inconvenience and we probably won’t hear anything from Blizzard at all. Thanks for your efforts Fidx, but since you live here in DR, you probably know that when it comes to customer service (and many other things) this country sucks. Calling to Altice is a nightmare because most of the representatives on the phone don’t know more that the scripts they are provided and when it comes to escalations takes forever to get a resolution and even if you threat them to leave the company they just don’t care.

Unless someone knows anyone from high management that can really address the issue to at least get us with a resolution from Altice side or can reach anyone on Blizzard by email…it seems unlikely that we will get with this solved since Blizzard as you can see here, no one is really addressing our issue in their side just giving solutions like “Get a VPN” or “contact your ISP”. And if our hopes relies in a dominican company to solve this vaina…ya yo vi que nos jodimos.


Necesito que todos llamen y reporten específicamente que tienen problemas con el juego “Overwatch” de la compañía “Blizzard”. Mientras más reportes, más fácil nos hacen caso. Si les dicen que el problema es de Blizzard digan que no, que ya verificaron y el problema es de Altice.

Well, I wrote personally to Blizzard @ peering and opscenter. My emails were never answered. I guess Altice will do nothing either and if Blizzard isn’t answering GG.

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There’s not much our peering team can do with you specifically since you aren’t an ISP and you have no control over Altice’s peering. Altice needs to contact our peering folks if they’re having issues using the wrong peers. Without more reports in your general area there’s not a lot we can do on our end since we don’t get much clout with many overseas ISPs without being able to show a huge problem since we don’t typically peer with them directly.

In general, you’ve got more ability to affect your ISP than we do, since you pay them directly. I wish there was more that we could do here, but with what we’ve got here thus far, all we can really do is collect unique reports and point you back to the ISP or a VPN as a work around.

It’s been 2 months and still the problem is not solved. I have a vpn “Nord VPN” but the connecion is really inconsistant giving me lagspikes of over 600 ping that last for more than 8 seconds. I tried calling them and they said “we will take a look at it.” that was the last time I heard from them. I also can not get a new ISP since the other reliable ISP in this country is Claro and they said that they would need to make a hole in our wall to pass the fiber optic cable to our apartment.

Can you guys atleast give it a shot at contacting altice though? If there is a tiny chance of our problem getting fixed I would take it, besides what do you guys have to loose anyways?

I gave up on Altice, I’m trying to cancel my service. Their retention team asked me to tell Blizzard to contact them. :upside_down_face::nauseated_face:

They told me to tell you to write to them at:
They have an area where it says “web form” at the bottom of the page.

@Daniel can you call altice and report the problem as well?

I have called to cancel 3 times. Help. Help.

Send help.

Same story here. I contacted the ISP in question (Altice) and “Technical Support” Reps don’t know beyond further scripts that they are provided with no clue on how to address this properly to a higher department (neither a specific one). The only response I’ve got was that this issue will be follow up. Last time I really got a resolution from this ISP when I had an issue with them took me about 4 months of almost every day calling and it was something more drastically Impactful (not getting access to some major websites)…Having this inconvenience that could be seem “meaningless” to them will take most likely forever…

The other issue is that the other Major ISP (yes, because Altice is one of the two big ones) is not that far for being worse and to put a cherry on the top of the cake is way more expensive. Maldito pais del diablo.

I called today. They told me again the same scripted response that it’s a problem on Blizzard’s end and not on theirs. They also said nobody else has called to report this problem to which I lold. I asked to cancel they asked to pass by their offices. I’m about to end this motherfking company. I will see this through to the highest possible consequences.

Hey all,

Just wanted to follow up on this. I ran several reports on our end to help verify where the problem is happening at. One of my reports was for all Internet Service Providers in Dominican Republic. Average time for players connections to Overwatch in this area is between 90 and 130ms. I ran a secondary report filtering out all ISP other than Altice Dominicana S.A. and found that players on this ISP are averaging between 160-230ms latency. This evidence does support that the issue is exclusive to the ISP.

Though with that said, the network tests are showing that the actual increase in latency is not happening within their own network which may be why there is some hesitation to address it. All network tests on this thread are showing that the 100+ jump in latency is happening as the data passes between Cogent, Amazon, and Equinix (peer networks). When discussing the issue with them please ensure the topic is geared toward addressing “Routing” issues with “Peer Networks”

We are still tracking this issue. However since the problem is limited to a single ISP our ability to assist may be a tad limited.

I do sincerely hope the information helps.

Hello, my friends and I have the same issue as stated before, however the high latency is not even our biggest concern. Our biggest issue is the fact that we keep being sent to Brazilian servers and I cant even start to explain how F*cked up that is.

It’s the worst experience we’ve ever had while playing Overwatch (most of us have been playing since launch), no offense to BR players but they’re not even remotely interested in playing the game well or even trying to win, we keep losing SR, keep losing for dumb things that on American servers we could at least avoid, and let’s not forget about the language difference. Even tho we’re from the Dominican Republic, English is a common language that most young gamers understand and can communicate well enough in games, however we can’t say the same for Portuguese.

I just wish there was a straight answer on how to solve this, our group of friends that play the game have either Altice or Claro and we still have the same issues mostly. Even using VPN we’re being sent to BR servers on all occasions (QP, ARCADE, COMP, even Training grounds).

i just delete the game… and avoid any game or software from blizzard… they don’t care about us… we are just crap for them… its funny… how blizzard its getting worse in they QoS… third party servers even for World of Warcraft have better QoS that them… i just uninstall the game… and i’m just checking this forum just to see how they just are not interested in this topic… i just have to say… Nos llevo chechere!.. ya ni en los juegos que pagamos con nuestro dinero nos sirve solo por vivir en este Pais de m… es una maldicion al parecer nacer en ete jodio pais!.. Dios se tenga misericordia de nosotros!

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Ok so according to our traceroute results the signal goes bad when it reaches the point
ae1-br01-eqch2.as57976 .net
What do we know about this point? Whose jurisdiction is it when the signal arrives here?

I asked the same in a support ticket to Blizzard and got the following response:

The node “eqch2” belongs to a company called “Equinix” that many different ISP use for peering. I do not recommend contacting them directly. Instead it should be a network engineer from within the original service provider. They are able to reach out to peer network hosts to resolve issues like these.

I hope this info helps! If there’s anything else you might need just let us know.

Does that narrow it down?

Equinix is asking for the following information:

Hello Fidel,

We acknowledge your email. Kindly provide the Circuit ID / Serial Number or the location of the circuit (IBX, cage, patch panel and ports used) for us to further assist you with your request. Once provided we will reach out for Administrators approval to create the necessary ticket.

I feel this information is from Altice side to get since they are the one that assign to us what Circuit ID we use for every connection and where we are actually connected. I’m afraid they won’t provide that info that easily to us (customers) and that’s why Altice should be the one to contact them for this situation…

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Hello everyone

I have the same problem here, I have always played in NA, but since I came back to overwatch 2 weeks ago, the game sent me to Brazil, it would be nice to hear from someone who plays overwatch and who has “claro” as a service provider, to know how the game is going compared to us we have “ALTICE”.

I’m having the same issue, 200 ping and being routed to brazil, Altice Dominicana is my ISP too.

Since I don’t remember when the issue started I checked all the clips I have recorded with the Geforce interface and it seems the issue started at some point between July 1st and July 17th, sadly I don’t have any clips in between these days to know for sure.
This is how I managed to find this topic, by searching for latency related issues specifically on July.

I tried the free trials for WTFast and Tunnelbear VPNs and these worked just fine, Google DNS doesn’t work unfortunatelly.

I just can’t imagine Altice actually giving a damn about customers not being able to play a video game, this is Dominican Republic after all.

I’ll see if I can post the WinMTR tests later, just to have another one at hand in case it is needed.