Already have OW for XB1. Do I need a new order for PC/Mac?


I’m just wondering, I already have a copy of Overwatch for the XB1. Do I need to buy another copy for the PC/Mac? Or can I ‘migrate’ the account?


You do indeed need a new copy.


Just to give you a second person give you the answer, they are correct and before you ask the skins and items like that won’t transfer over either.


New copy. Also MAC is not supported. Just PC.


No cosmetics transfer over either. You lose everything.

For now. They are working on that.


Thank you for the information


Don’t worry though. What you lose in skins, you gain in passive aggressive text chat by your teammates. Something consoles sorely lack. :wink:


Yeah you’ll need a new copy… but the game goes on sale often enough you can probably grab it for somewhere between $10-20 bucks.