Almost there. Just one more nudge


At first I thought the +2 meter range increase for Symmetra would just be a, “here, now shut up,” fix.

It does work but it needs that one little push for it to be great. As you higher ups already know, never settle for the first or second pass of a design.

Max range of 15 meters
Pierce enemies, but still blocked by barriers
Width increase of 20% max
Faster ammo regeneration when attacking barriers
Regen shield HP when attacking barriers

Just ONE.

And 80% of all Symmetra based concerns will be addressed.


Her beam really needs to be longer if the mechanic stays.

I also have an idea that her uncharged beam starts out wide, then it gets more and more pinpoint focused as the damage ramps up.


This. I like this idea very much, I think it could work wonders on her current state