All three primary supports should be viable

She didn’t. Her beam literally tracked me above her head when her crosshair was not on my character model.

It’s a soft lock-on.

But Mercy is balanced. A 1 star hero with a very low skill ceiling that is strong at lower ranks while getting weaker the higher you climb is balanced. With Ana, however, if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re lowkey throwing


That would be because his hps and range got nerfed and blizz introduced a hero that does everything he does and more.

Ana definitely knows how to dumpster dive. She has been living there for a year. She still hasn’t completely moved out of her apartment there. Mercy is relatively new there so I can understand Mercy mains needing some time adjusting to her new home.

In all seriousness, I agree that they should all be viable but Mercy is the only one that’s not viable at this time. She needs changes, I agree with that. But ana being on top isn’t the end of the world.

Ana’s pickrate took a plummet alongside Roadhog at the same time Winston took his initial rise and Dive started propping up. Several monthes, I think about 2 seasons in fact before the Mercy rework

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And ana isn’t even my main.

This is a very stupid comment to make
Disrgarding any and alll the people who tried getting Ana up for sefless reasons which were out there I assure you
But even disregarding that.
Wasn’t one of the biggest defences from Mercy players the comment “Don’t nerf mercy, buff the other supports”
I do recall those words being a very common phrase during that time accompanying the cries for a new rework from the people like myself who can’t stand playing Mercy.

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I main Ana and I agree. The other healers should be viable options always, but your hate of her seems very odd and unnecessary.

But i’ve been waiting for a long time to finally main Ana, because previously I could just pick Mercy and having triple of my effectiveness. Skill should be rewarded and you have to swallow that, and Ana should have that little edge to help her out. Same thing why McCree will be generally less effective than a Widow in high rank matches, but McCree remaining usable and viable.

I mean… by this logic, taken to its conclusion, literally every hero should be viable. It doesn’t matter what class the hero is in, they should be viable. Should.

The problem is that it’s nearly impossible for multiples heroes of the same exact role to be meta – which is what I assume you all mean by “viable” – because they’re fighting for the same position. Inevitably, people will find what combination of heroes work best in most circumstances, and people will run that combination into the ground as the safest, most optimal strategy.

Now here’s the tickle. There are currently no heroes that aren’t “viable,” if you soften your definition to simply mean “you can still win with them.” I know, everyone likes to think a 48% winrate with Mercy across all categories is somehow a -10% winrate where you lose someone else’s game every time you play Mercy, but the reality is, Mercy and Moira and all the supports are currently all valid choices, if you make them work. Unless you’re a total slave to following what the meta trends are, you’re not actually at a huge disadvantage just because you run a non-Ana support. Mercy and Moira as main healers still see success, so it isn’t like picking them is an instant lose button.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see pickrates and winrates more balanced between all the supports – the same way I want to see every hero’s rates be even. But that’s not an easily achieved goal, if possible at all. People will always find one hero of every role that does their job the best especially in synergy with other superior picks. And I don’t think it’s fair, from any perspective, to try and pin this on the mains of heroes that are most meta, as if they have any real say over which heroes get buffed, nerfed, or picked up by the best players. Just seems like a weird way to frame your concerns of the balance of the game, that you’re more upset that other people are having fun or something.


She was trash teir because aimming her darts at fast moving DPS was too hard. Ana has always been best in tank heavy metas where it is easy to heal the slow moving bulky tanks

You’re tripping real hard.

Might have something to do with having some of the highest healing while also shutting down the other supports healing as well.

I love Ana and all, my new main and all, but seriously, sticking anti-heal on a main healer was an odd choice. She counters her own counterparts.

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Since this game is meta reliant there will never be a period where all three will be equally viable at the same time.

Ana is simply a better pair for Reinhardt than Mercy is. She can sustain Rein through damage that Mercy has never been able to and her Nano boost works wonders with him.

Mercy plays best with Widow, Pharah, Zenyatta, Genji, D.Va, and Winston. Heroes that can be in a variety of locations at once so she can zip around without worry of dying. If your team is grouped up Mercy’s survivability is cut dramatically. Also those heroes tend to benefit from Damage boost more than others.

Moira plays best with Bunker comps, like Orisa/Hog since they tend to be literally inside of each other or she is played best in Brawl comps like Goats or Quad Tank. She cannot help a Dive team very well.

The meta will always strongly determine which main healer is viable and currently the meta favors Ana.

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Tanks and healers both hate antinade. Tanks flat out die without healing and supports cant do their main job. I just hear the tf2 spy screaming Jarate when I get hit with it.

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And that’s really what I like about it. I think the amount of sustain this game has is a bit ridiculous and is fun seeing a GOATs cheese falling apart because of it.

But still, there should be a better character to put Anti-Nade on than Ana, right? Well, it’s a little too late for that.

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As a support player, I feel like I’m at a massive disadvantage when I’m not playing Ana.

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Attempting to have the most accessible heroes just as powerful as the least accessible is sacrificing competitive integrity. You should never get more value from a hero that takes less work than another hero of the same class except in niche situations.

It’s OK for this game to have niche heroes, especially with the constantly evolving variety in maps. Attempting to get everyone viable at all times means balance will always dramatically shift, and you will never achieve a healthy medium.

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The support issue is sort of like the issue on immigration.

Ana mains and other hipsters are all happy now that a “skillful hero” is the best healer and the non skillful hero is full on garbage. Let’s face simple fact ana is a must pick and Mercy is probably in the worst state she has ever been in.

The real villains are not the ana and mercy mains. The real villain is blizzard who like our politicians on immigration simply kicked the tire down the road on the support situation since the games inception.

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LOOOOL OK guy/girl

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