All the changes (But one) Just went live



Biotic Launcher

  • (Primary Fire) Recovery time reduced from 0.45 to 0.38 seconds
  • (Primary Fire) Damage reduced from 25 to 24
  • (Secondary Fire) Recovery increased from 0.8 to 0.9 seconds
  • (Secondary Fire) Healing increased from 50 to 60

Developer Comments: We’re making some adjustments to Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher firing cadence that will make dealing damage quicker and landing a healing grenade more impactful.



  • Base health increased from 150 to 175



  • Base health increased from 200 to 225


  • (General) Reload time reduced from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds



  • Now restores 15 ammo per second

Ice Wall

  • Cooldown lowered from 13 to 12 seconds

Developer Comments: Since we previously made Mei’s primary fire relatively more expensive, she spends more time out of ammo and this was particularly noticeable when unable to reload while in Cryo-Freeze. To help smooth out this gameplay she now regains some ammo during Cryo-Freeze.



  • Base shields increased from 100 to 125



  • Base health reduced from 200 to 175

Developer Comments: We’re making some max health adjustments in 25 HP increments to allow for more fine tuning of heroes’ power. Until now this was done in 50 HP increments to help simplify the understanding how many hits an enemy hero could withstand.

All but the bap ult change went live, thoughts?


I knew it! Honestly though, I thought the ult would go through and they wouldn’t put through the healing.

There’s another Blizz post stating that the amp matrix size buff WILL go through, they just want to give it an art polish pass first.


Good stuff. Maybe bap Ult might still go Live later, but the graphics on it were bad at the edges.


To Note: The only reason Bap’s Amp matrix hasn’t gone live is because it’s being touched up a little by the art team first.



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His ult is on the PTR being tested.

look for the Oct/23/2020

I’m pretty worried about brig tbh, I thought this would go through with a self heal revert but it didn’t, so they definitely need to what brigs stats

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mccree is not hot garbage anymore!!!

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This patch looks really good, I hope it plays just as well. 25 at a time is a good chance that just makes sense for finer tuning. Maybe it’s even already a thing that’ll be on more heroes in the OW2 patch

Yup, I’m worried this could bring back DoubleBarrier, now that Tracer and Hammond can’t run through the enemy backline for free.

Don’t mind me here but for the memes I was expecting and being very scared that sym change didn’t go through

I’m kinda hoping they also give it a +10% ult charge bump because he’ll be getting it a bit faster as well but if they decide not to do that, they probably know a bit better then, as we hardly have any stats on him atm with how little he’s played.

I’m really not happy with the baptiste gun changes

Good baptistes are gonna be literally better than most DPS heroes and I wanna actually challenge him not get challenged