All Overwatch heroes love pineapple pizza

When I think of a pizza I think of greasy cheese, pepperoni that are basically grease cups, and marinara sauce.

A tart fruit just doesn’t sound that pleasant combined with that stuff.

How DARE you? Just Ketchup… agreed. But Ketchup Mustard and Sauerkraut.

Chefs kiss.

This is the second time in two days I’ve seen this ketchup on hot dogs controversy raise its head. Must be a regional thing, because hot dogs are one of the very few dishes I pop ketchup on.

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Ghost peppers on hot dog is the only way to eat them

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please, i’m so hungry. all this talk of hot dogs and pizza is torture

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I refuse to accept this as being canon :rage: :face_vomiting:

Yo those are not the same




I say so

I mean, I like plain hot dogs too. I’m usually a guy that likes things plain though, just the type of person I am. (r, just the things I like to eat. Can’t force me to eat something I don’t like, u know. Would just be rude if so.) Honestly, if we announced one more food similarity that all OW characters have, can we plz have that be cheese pizza? Yes, y’all can call me a weirdo, but that doesn’t mean u all r not weirdos too. We all weird here.

Pineapple is actually pretty good, ham on the other hand makes me absolutely sick…

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Just leaving a notice here, the moderation has gone out of the window my guy

I thought that was normal…


I actually have hot dogs on my bag for a proyect we didn’t do so

Do you Want some?

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Sometimes it’s just painful to watch the things we love be violated.

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Right? Like I don’t like hotdogs but every time I have to have them, I put ketchup on them… am I doing it wrong?

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She could, and she would.

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No, but what about kiwis?

Dva probably does. I can imagine hanzo and genji too. But good old soldier 76 is definitely a mustard guy

i see your point. but ketchup on brats tho

Try to do that in front of a italian, they prefer you break their hearts rather than their pizza tradition.

(spent 2 years in Italy)

people put pinapple on ham/gammon when cooking for flavour and then ppl eat that pinapple with the meat, so I never understood why people don’t understand ham and pineapple pizza lol

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