All Overwatch heroes love pineapple pizza

It was confirmed by Jeff a couple years ago (oh god it was actually 4 years ago) and I just remembered this is a thing.

"The only thing our heroes have in common is that they all love pineapple on their pizza"

:pizza: Let the chaos begin :pizza:


I don’t see how this is a controversial statement. Who cares what people like on their pizza?

Apparently a lot of people explode when they see or even hear about pineapple on pizza. I like it a lot personally so I don’t see the issue.

But it is kind of funny how this is the one thing they all have in common


That’s it, I quit.



They should like it because it’s delicious.


It sure is! :yum:

And I’ve seen some actually horrifying pizzas too. Like I’ve eaten a pizza with ice cream, fruit and berries, the only pizza thing left there was the damn crust.

Tho some pie pizzas can be delicious I’ll be honest, but they’re more like a pie than a pizza

And suddenly i’ve lost all possible friendship with the heroes :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


I’m shaking and crying, pharah would never do this!


Anyone else like corn on their Pizza?


All the heroes at the time. There’s a chance newer characters like Ashe and Echo don’t like pineapple pizza

I eat pizza with pasta on it. Fear me.

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You scare me but I never tried it so I’m curious.

Also caramel works surprisingly well on pizza when done right. I’ve tried caramel sauce & pineapple pizza (at Domino’s I think?) and it was delicious.

I like my pizza with pasta, white bread, croissant and baguette dust on top fight me.

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I actually only ever ate the pizza with pasta on it during a visit to new york and i stg i can never figure out what the pizza was, its been years, YEARS! It had other stuff too, all i remember was that the pizza was generally orangeish with all of the toppings, i don’t remember any other ingredients.

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That actually sounds really cool, it’s just the pasta that confuses me isn’t the crust enough lmao

Can Echo even…eat…pizza?

Actually, can Zen eat pizza? Does he find it aesthetically pleasing or does he actually try to eat it while lacking a mouth? Like full on shoves it in his face.

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Maybe they just squeeze the grease out of it and drink that? Or maybe they just rub it on themselves O_O

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Italians :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :ok_hand: :coffee:


I mean… that’s one way to enjoy pizza I guess

The first step to humanity Bastion made was acquiring a sudden craving for pizza despite the inability to eat.


It was good, like, really good. I mean the texture the pasta gave was weird at first ofc but it was still good.

That’s how I knew this was the game for me. I would do ANYTHING for some bacon and pineapple pizza, even join Talon


I can confirm that what Jeff said is a 100% true.