All of these changes are extremely solid. One of the best patches yet


Hog actually kills things now, reaper isn’t made of tissue paper, Symmetra’s beam actually exists when attacking squishies, Mercy’s ultimate actually improves something off of her base kit

I like these changes a lot, haven’t played a lot of games with them yet, but my main Symmetra feels so solid now. Glad to know she isn’t being abandoned


I honestly am astounded that they’ve reverted her healing back to 60 HP/sec, on top of that they’ve also reduced the cost of her ultimate ability which helps bring it more in line with the small amount of potential game changing impact that it offers. Roadhog’s changes on paper look interesting and should hopefully improve his viability, in practice I don’t know as I haven’t tried him yet. Symmetra has also had an interesting change.

Most importantly I wasn’t expecting a buff for Mercy, I thought she’d actually be ‘hung to dry’ for a while.

This could be the best patch in a long while. I can only hope they continue on the same path.

EDIT: Misread the 60 HP/sec, late here (gone midnight), not so great.


That’s only during Valkyrie. It’s fair to me. If she had 60 HP/s at all times on top of reduced ultimate cost, she’d get her ultimate every 30 seconds.


Ah, I see, woops I misread. Late at night lol.


Only during the ulti. Her base healing is still 50.

It is a good change I will still not touch her again. But Hog, Sym and Reaper got a much needed and solid upgrade…

Even though I have to test what Spead Randomization actually means.


Yeah agreed, I misread it. It’s late here :rofl:.


What are the buffs I play on console so I don’t know


Check the patch notes:


I don’t think you understand why they increased her ult charge gain. She was getting her ult 17% slower since they reduced her healing to 50hps and now are buffing it up by 15% to try and fix so that you get ult at the same speed as you would before. It’s still worse than before anyways but only by 2% and not 17%.


True! i fell so happy!


No, this PTR patch is totally underwhelming.

Roadhog got no changes to Take a Breather, Reaper got no changes to Shadow Step (the worst movement ability in the entire game), and Mercy will still be the worst healer in the game.

At first, I misread and thought that her base healing was increased back to 60 health per second, but then, I realized that’s just during Valkyrie.

So, Mercy’s Ultimate will allow her to heal just as fast as he could before. *sigh*
Her healing when not using Valkyrie will still be painfully slow. I never feel like Mercy is actually able to keep anyone alive while they are in combat. I have to stand there for about five seconds like a statue since her healing is so slow.


According to the devs,a reduction of the spread randomization means that the pellets will be much more concentrated in the center (to the crosshair indeed).


all they did was make hog and reaper more consistent. they didnt do anything to adress the problems with the game:
too much CC, armor, autoaim spam, and no skill 1-2 shotting burst damage.
feels like they just want to turn every character into some high hp/armored burst damage dps.