All games needing to be reinstalled everytime my PC udates

Everytime I update my PC and or the Battle net launcher it says install instead of play, and cant find the game no matter what folder I scan. It said not found and the I have to tell it to install this has happened multiple times with both Overwatch and Diablo III and IV.

You may have permission settings issues due to an antivirus or security program, or the drive may be on the way out.

I’ve had it both on my drive and SSDs and it has done it on all of them. All I use is Malwarebytes and Windows Defender

Then the culprit is likely MalwareBytes, it’s a very troublesome app tbh

How do I fix it? [Dead space as it heeds to be 20 characters to send]

Remove MalwareBytes or reach out to them for support as to why it is quarantining your game files.

I looked through what all Malwarebytes quarantined and it didn’t show OW. Odd… It’s weird, just as weird as on here showing the Baptist icon I used to use when I use a Junker Queen one instead.

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