AITA Numbani Attack

Enemy placed top path
Rein, Orissa, bastion, zen, mercy ,76

My team being Rein( me)
Hog, tracer, widow, Lucio, Moira

My argument involves it’s impossible in that small choke for me to " just walk forwards" as rein and achieve anything

Upon suggesting either a comp switch or alternate path
Left bottom or main path

This accounts to me throwing the game as the high path is the only path to take no matter what

The solution is to learn Sigma. I’ve played Sigma since launch and he is a hard Bastion counter.
My suggestion is too learn to take as maximum natural cover you can before either placing your shield in his face so your teammates flank him or your zen snipes him.
If you can’t really get your shield in his face or hide behind natural cover you can quickly use kinetic grasp to eat Bastion or other enemy bullets while in that window of opportunity the enemy will stop shooting, you rock him (accretion) and hit him with your primary, he will die and/or most likely have a teammate focusing him. Then make sure to focus that Mercy on the enemy because she’s going to attempt to Rez the bastion or the enemy.

I’m assuming the enemy team is sitting on high ground in that corridor. You can try going your fat left path and sneaking up the stairs, you can use your shield quickly and not let it burst, if it does you will still be okay and your team can ambush them inside that corridor and hopefully you have other teammates flanking their left side.


They wouldn’t flank only stand behind me expecting me to walk forwards

Sadly games be like that.
You will have players who expect you to be this all absorbing damage sponge that lives forever, and you just die, and then you read the chat going “Tank Diff”

Another suggestion is either communicate with your teammates to flank or try your hardest to find friends or make friends who excel in flanker DPS, and a Zenyatta.

I play in a team of 3 to 5 players and it’s good to have Versatility

Myself: Sigma/Dva/Orisa
Mate #1: Zarya/Orisa/ Ball/ Hog

My Boo: Ana/Bap/Zen/Brig
My other homie: Widow/76/Genji
My Support Buddy: Moira/Mercy.

Believe me I tried to talk them into changing it up but they just said I was deranking and throwing

/Report/AutumnflameP/Gameplay Sabotage

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Play literally anyone except rein especially for numbani

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