Aimbotter in this group

Is it me or is there a aimbotter in this group.

Hint might be playing tracer

and the mcree / widow

I watched both games, and honestly… I’m not seeing it. Both the players you mentioned seemed to be overly agressive, but they don’t stand out in terms of aim or awareness that would indicate cheating.

The tracer doesn’t strike me as cheating, they just kept yolo-ing into the enemy and hoping it would work… it didn’t.

And the cass/wid game they seem to have dredful awareness of what is going on around them (or maybe just a terrible headset.) When they hit shots its either a case of the person was already low HP or they were bunny hopping and hard peeking like they wanted to get their heads taken off.

Now I can’t say for certain, if you still have reservations then by all means drop in a report. But I, personally, can’t see it.