Aimbots killed this game


Yeah, I’ve seen legit two that I’m certain of (and they were boosters boosting up people in comp). I’ve seen maybe … I dunno, three others that are in the “eh, maybe” category. But yep, just those two for sure, and they were hilariously obvious. XP

Probably throw-away accounts that the boosters didn’t mind losing. Just using them to duo-boost customers. /sigh. Now if people want to talk about a plague on the game, THAT is is - paid boosting. >.<


This is what i see far too often. If it’s not boosting it’s dump accounts. Judging by the amount of “thank your for your report” pop-ups, i’d say a very good share of those are actual cheaters.


You have to think about damage dealt. While something can be comparatively small on average, it can still be too big for how much you get out of it when it lands.

Slower or weaker projectiles tend to be larger for a reason, that being value proportion.


Yeah but nobody is discussing the damage dealt in relation to the size of the projectile, they just keep spreading the false premise that his projectile is massive.


Next time you see a killcam that looks botty my friend, hit F9. Upload that highlight to Youtube or something and show the rest of the class what you saw. Vids or it didn’t happen.


Trolls come in all shapes. While your laughing at my comments i was laughing at yours. So do me a huge favor and don’t interact with me any longer so we both save our time. Have a lovely day.


Dont make strawmans about my comments and we are all good.
Its good that you are self aware though. Just a reminder you are still alone with the OP in this thread pal.
You are the one still quoting me dude. Stop doing that, easy.


Is that what is happening? I’ve been dropping reports on Hanzos lmao


Ran into two aimbots today. Welp. I don’t just go around accusing people either. If I lose fights, then I lose fights, but it feels worse when they use hacks to do it because they didn’t put effort. They could’ve just killed me anyway probably, but to do it with hacks… is just infuriating.

I should probably say both were Tracers and some Widow play.


Maybe it’s coincidence, but I’ve seen maybe 6 aimbots my entire time playing this game (I’m gold border), and the first 3 were all quite some time ago and months apart, but the recent three were all within the last few weeks I’ve been playing. 2 were widow one was hanzo.


Could be that a recent aimbot was released or something… but I dunno. I don’t search for that stuff so I have no idea. I don’t even want to be associated with any cheating, it sucks that it happens.


Hasn’t it always been like that


Last time I check, this isn’t CSGO.


Oh man I’d love to see a hanzo aimbot at work.

Typically projectiles do not get good results with your standard snap on lock on to model edges style hack that I think your talking about. You see that more on hitscan weapons.


Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, doesn’t exactly make it small though does it?

The smallest of a bunch of huge things is still huge, and Hanzo’s projectiles are still massive. It just goes to show that if every other projectile hero had projectiles that went at that speed, the game would just be psychotic one-shots every other second.


Can’t relate.

I play at a GM level and this is bull. I’ve encountered a legit aimbotter one time in my 1,200 hours of playing this game. He was on Soldier and it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Literally aimbotting his helix rockets, tracking through walls, cursor locked on heads through rein’s shield, and when people were grouped up the aimbot would start targeting different people in a weird way.


Yea, i have 5k hours on one account. I understand not everyone will see it the same as me. I can’t say i’ve spotted many in competitive as of late. Funny too. I recall playing with you on a few occasions.


:joy: Aimbots are the reason i stay in elohell :joy: :joy:


This pill is a pill so tough that even the toughest can’t swallow this tough pill: it’s a brutal truth that Torb was a bad father.


the last 2 days of reporting players ive had 7 messages from blizzard when logging in to thank me for the report and measures have been taken to their account. Okay son.

logged on thismorning after a few reports earlier that night.
I’m not a complainer, i just do not like cheaters and bullsheet artists in forums.
imgur. ###/a/wGDPbCs