Aimbots killed this game


Good thing, because you’re absolutely proving nothing to anyone :man_shrugging:


I mean, I am open to the idea if there’s evidence of it, which is why I made my post.

You being GM or not doesn’t really matter to me, nor would I ask you to change your profile off of private man. I’m simply addressing the claim “cheaters are common in GM” with the idea that it would be nice to have evidence. Otherwise, it feels hollow as I haven’t seen evidence in my own brackets (plat - low diamond usually) nor do I have reason to suspect it higher up.

I’m saying more that I’d be interested in evidence is all.


What’s that? Another platinum player trying to shut me down?

In the words of widow “Prff. Please.”


Yes. It would be.
Posting anything of the sort here as you may or may not know, is against the code of conduct.
It’s far less common to find cheaters in lower tier games.

Perhaps you can add me if you want, and once i spot a cheater in our session i can let you know.
That’s the best i can do for you as anything else gets you silenced or banned.


I’ve played in GM a bunch. I can think of maybe 1 player who was accused of cheating, however it was never clear if that’s the case. A few times the team mumbled about whether a sniper was an aimbot, but killcams would over the course of the match show that she was just a decent shot.


I play in GM and have seen a legitimate aimbot only two or three times MAX since beta. I think you might be a bit paranoid and confusing skilled players with cheaters.


0 evidenece, close thread please.


It doesn’t happen all the time, obviously.
Of course i know the difference between a skilled player and cheating.

All i’m saying is it is way more prominent than people are willing to admit.
Yes, the anticheat in overwatch is good.
But it isn’t flawless.


Just as well, i’m not paranoid. You may just be closed minded. But you know, everyone has opinions. :male_detective:


Lol you literally claimed it was once every 4 games, and now you’re saying the anti cheat in Overwatch is good. Which is it?


Thank God I’m low tier. I can probably remember in all my gameplay of only a handful that we knew were cheating. Now I’ve suspected a lot more - but being that I suck and I’m low teir have no idea what good gameplay is.


agreed. in my 2+ years of playing this game, i have only ever come across one aimbot. Just one…


Condescension. I like it. Go away.


Damn - your just too good for me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I believe I may have witnessed my first actual aimbotter today in Overwatch after hundreds of hours.
If people had one in my previous matches, they were pretty terrible.

It was a smurfaccount boosting his friend and instalocking targets without even trying to aim.
As soon as he clicked, his cursor was suddenly precisely on the targets head.
I was holding back with calling it out, because one can never be sure, but after my teammates called him out without my input I suppose I can rest assured that it was not just me seeing the nonsense.
Ofc. that person was only playing hitscans and mostly widow in my match. Go figure.

The amount of boosters / smurfaccounts are ridiculous currently and literally every second match I play has them on 3,5k SR, EU.
Guess with the prices they charge for their “services” they can afford burning a 20$ account on hacking in order to boost their “customer” in duo-queue.

Anyway, the idiosyncratic aim of certain players can fool you into believing they might cheat. Sometimes fishy shots happen.
gfycat. com/rigidfavorablegossamerwingedbutterfly


Nice strawman, didnt work though.
Ive never said there are absolutely no cheaters but then again, you are known now for making things up.

Good stuff! Lets see what you come up next :rofl:


There are aimbotters. That’s just pretty much a given fact at this point. However…

I’d wager at least 75% of “zomg aimbot!” claims are false.

Look, I’ve been accused of aimbotting on Hanzo before. That’s … kind of hilarious if you know me. But regardless, there is this thing called instinctive flick aiming.

It’s hard to explain, but sometimes when I’m startled, I just flick right to a target and hit it. I’ve done this consecutively before, too. It does look suspicious, I admit. I freaking love watching those replays and looking pro. XD

But point is, that’s something that long-time gamers develop sometimes, I think. It’s not consistant - very random (at least for me), and is greatly influenced by mood and anxiety levels.

I can’t be certain, of course, but I bet lots of people experience this.

So yeah, the next time that Hanzo 180 headshots you almost instantly, he’s probably just as surprised as you are.


Just because someone is a better player than you does not mean that they’re aimbotting.

??? Hanzo is a horrible hero to aimbot on. He’s projectile. That means you still have to lead your shots. Perfect aimbot tracking accuracy on medium range targets will do nothing on Hanzo, because the software does not account for the travel time of his arrows.

I don’t suppose you have some links to these “cheaters” that you’ve experienced? If they’re in every single game like you say, it shouldn’t be too hard to record some evidence.


by the logic of (sadly one too many) people on forums if they were to see even one of those shots youre talking about where you flick/get startled:

"nope 100% hacks id rather eat m own sh*t then consider the possibility that a human can do that even 1 out of in 1 billion attemps ur hacking 100% buddy lol hope u get banned "

Had at least 5 diff (only lowrank/private profiles) essentially try to tell me im a cheater after I linkedmy ow vid where I get nutty shots and killstreaks as widow, which was intended to be proof that it can be done in the first place, in reply to another post overblowing the issue of hackers in ow. Ive only seen like 1 maybe 2 since beta from high gold-mid masters (1100+ hrs)


I think it’s the skinniest, but I also think it’s long