Aimbots killed this game


Every game i play there is at least one player, usually but not restricted to a hanzo, insta-aiming to a target and firing, without any mouse movement at all, consistently. The last week ive seen this instant aiming/firing behavior, it is just stupidly obvious when someone does a 180 turn firing without mouse movement.

No point playing this game anymore with the amount of cheaters there are.


What I am finding is not necessarily an aimbot per se, but I am finding that Blizzard built in hanzo with aim assist this last patch. During a playback of different hanzos that I first believed we truly cheating. It turns out the game on high speed replay, is CURVING the arrow to the player’s target.


What? Hanzo is the last hero (well junkrat actually) I would expect an aimbot on.

Somebody 180 flicking you with Hanzo? Welcome to the life of a Tracer player.
I swear I get more death from Hanzo flicks than any other hero. It’s not cheating. He fires a log sized arrow, up close it’s really easy to land.

I don’t know your rank, but when you play with mixed rank teams the diamonds and up have god tier aim compared to what we normally see.

Had a Masters tank main practicing Widow with use lowley golds, we got shredded by them because our movement and awareness was bad compared to what they normally saw. It was just easy shots we gave them.


Smallest projectile in game but ya log sized. If Hanzo is log sized what does that makes Zens balls? Meteors?


Yeah let me stop you right there pal. That doesnt happen.
Anyone who has played the game a bit knows this (my main account has 80 less levels than yours).

Hard to swallow pill : Theres a lot more complainers (who are wrong) about cheats, than actual players using cheats.


ball sized I guess.


Every game? I call bs


I’ve seen 1 aimbot on this game, not even in the last year.

This game from my pov doesn’t have an aimbot problem.


Here’s a harder pill.
I play at a gm level across 8 accounts.
There are cheaters every 3rd or 4th game.
Toggling, wallhacking or both.
More often than none, they will get steamrolled. Then suddenly near the end of a match will go hanzo, widow, soldier or sombra and won’t miss a single shot.


This is like, the third thread today I’ve seen about aim botters. I feel like people are just complaining / making excuses for themselves.

Either that, or Soldier is secretly OP.


Here is the toughest pill : People make up things to try to make a point.

Yeah i call BS. Basically because i watch streamers daily, on GM and T500 and that doesnt happen pal.

But sure, we all will believe your word with 0 proof to back it up mister private profile smurf/alt account.


You should see a doctor, you have a serious case of paranoia.


I report every soldier who ults me, it’s technically an aim bot so I’m not lying in my report.


I think players having outstanding or lucky rounds make people think there are more botters than there actually are.


Sure. Keep living in your bubble.
And it’s just you. Not ‘everyone here’


No worries, good luck in that alternate universe.
In this post at least you and OP are alone, 2/11. Sure mate, cheaters everywhere. :+1:


Don’t worry, people finding excuse to not admit they are not good enough to go up are everywhere.
It’s not smurf, it’s not throwers, today’s excuse is cheaters.


I think the onus would be on you to prove or provide evidence that is at least moderately convincing if you’re the one making the claim.

I don’t believe aim bots are exactly common in this game.


Enjoy playing in low tier platinum games with the notion that there are absolutely no cheaters. :upside_down_face:


Yea. But that isn’t happening because you or anyone is asking about it here. I’m perfectly okay with strangers questioning why i say the things i say. My profiles will remain private. I have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone.