Aim isnt a skill its just cope

The best values still come from hitting your shots. 2xdamage headshot is not just for show.

No the robots hate kotick remember hes not
a gay robot trying to exterminate the human race

On heroes that can headshot sure. But it isn’t needed to get the vast majority of a heroes’ value. I’m bad at mechanics for masters where my tank lies, I’m bad at mechanics for diamond where my supp/dps lie. Through game sense and positioning I make up for it.

There’s a reason a fair amount of cheaters get stuck in lower ranks. Until they pull out Widow and get banned pretty quickly.

So are you just here to spout homophobia and shill for CEOs or…?

So u think u can exterminate the human race or???

Elaborate. The question as you’ve asked it is incredibly open ended and doesn’t actually. Well. Offer anything for me to opine on.

If you gave me access to the world’s entire supply of nukes. And the military personnel to launch them, I could certainly take a shot at exterminating the human race but why would I?

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Nukes are no where near strong enough to do that despite what the feramongering government media tells you

Not in raw explosive yield no. But that isn’t the only quality about a nuke that makes it dangerous.

Anyway. Do you have a point?


And do you think the best OW players play no-aim heroes?

Chernobyl begs to differ.

I’ve met plenty. You probably have as well. You just refuse to acknowledge it.

Mind taking your homophobia away from the forums and moving onto 4chan or wherever it is you form these opinions?

…? Depends on the meta. But like. Mercy exists in high elo. I see plenty of Reins existing in top500. Up until OW2 Winston was in the low mechanics category, and honestly still is to an extent.

I can go on, but yes. The best OW players do play low aim requirement heroes when they have the game sense and positioning to make up for it.


Nah i havent , i think maybe they need to be better than u at their agenda pushing though

Can you just go away? My dude gay people exist. I have no desire to talk you through your unresolved issues that revolve around “Oh no people exist that are different to me. Let’s invalidate them entirely.”

I’ll remove the edit after, but did you mean “But not the only skill”?

It´s a skill. But the only skill, as so many people think…

Gay people are just robots never met a real person thats gay u malfunctioning robot?

Straight people are just robots. Never met a real person that’s straight. You malfunctioning robot?

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Guess im your boss since i clearly control every gay robot

I’m straight. I’ve been straight my entire life. I’m mocking you and your fragile world view that can’t handle people being gay and existing without trying to insult them.

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And what is the purpose of Mercy in high elos? If not to capitalize on someone else’s 's certain skillset?

You do have the points with Rein and Winston, but would they be able to win games without their DPS hitting shots? By themselves they can’t even deal with Bastion or flyers.

Robot coping much lmao

It’s a hero that prioritises game sense and positioning to extract value. Would you start calling Mei walls a mechanically demanding thing because they enable her teammates to shoot at a restricted enemy? Is Sombra emp now incredibly mechanically demanding for enabling her teammates who may be using mechanical heroes?

What happens when that Mercy damage boosts a non-mechanically intensive hero?

Would the dps be able to win the game without the tank taking space and helping them through the match? It’s circular.

Do you think that’s like… At all profound? Do you think it matters? I’m genuinely curious as to what is attempting to cycle in your head.