Aim isnt a skill its just cope

Listen, "aiming’ one single bullet on a hitscan on still targets 100m away for a one shot isnt a skill. Spraying pistols in the general direction off someone at 1000rpm while being unhittable teleporting isnt a skill. Aiming on 120fps is so easy its laughable. Only robots cope because all robots can do is muh aim skill. On top of that input lag is so low in todays time and there is no blur and great audio and more color depth and clarity.


So why can’t I do it consistently then? :thinking:


the skill is being able to do it consistently and frequently. one of the reasons your average player isnt going to get masters + on widowmaker. also i dont know if you ever played widow but if certain heroes want you dead you’re dead unless you get support from your team or you’re a god widow


come on man

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Sounds like a skill issue on the enemy’s part.

It’s a common sentiment among OWL players that tracer is far and away the highest skill hero in the game.
“Unhittable” but I thought aiming was so easy?

What a fancy way to cope about fps.


Aim isn’t a skill.

Also Hardstuck Wood1


It’s so blatant from the “still targets” part lmaoooo


Why do you play a fps if you dont avlue aim?


“Uhm ahctually iht’s a MOBA” :nerd_face:


Right! First person moba!


Owl is all a show for robots

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It is a skill. But it’s only one area of the game and we shouldn’t give it priority above learning all of the skills in the game. It’s fine if a hero doesn’t value one particular area (for instance Rein doesn’t value mechanics too much though it’ll certainly help you get some value). But if a hero can get by with barely any knowledge of two of the main pillars of the game (game sense and positioning), and just mechanics. And dominate in gm. Well. That’s a problem.

Because it’s a hero shooter. Not a Moba, not an fps. It’s something with heroes in it that can be played to high efficacy through knowledge and practice. It doesn’t require pixel perfect precision, but they require precise timing which is a different skill. It’s a lot of fun.

I personally don’t enjoy a lot of the mechanically intensive heroes. Ain’t my personal thing. I certainly play a fair amount of them. But I enjoy the interactions between heroes/hero kits, alongside how engagements can feel like a puzzle at times.


It’s very much so a group of players so talented they can smurf in top 10 :skull:

A skill is something not everyone can do everyone can aim look at all the preprogrammed robot copers eithout human brains

This is some strange reverse skill elitism. The “aim is the only skill” crowd is certainly annoying, but this is just taking it to an unreasonable antithesis. Kind of sus, to be honest.

It is just a game, and in the game, several skills will help you. That includes aim. Are these relevant skills elsewhere? Not particularly.


Someone is salty about being garbage at aiming


What a strange way to try to hide that youre a robot trying to push product

With takes like this sometimes I question my phobia of Hog. Based as always ThiccBuddha.

…What the hell are you on about? This guy has frequently brought up the failures of the game where relevant. If he’s meant to be a shill bot they’ve failed.


Someone is a robot with the iq of a sick peanut broke in half

Beep boop bop, buy my product. I love Bobby Kotick, riding that… Error, error.