Aim is buggy and I cant fix it!

So there has been a glitch with controller controls bleeding into PC controls (I am on PC) and personally I have had this problem. I have turned “aim smoothing” and “aim ease in” both to 0 however it doesn’t help. when I move my mouse it gets “stuck” on/near an enemy making it so I cant hit headshots, cant do fast flicks, etc… How do I fix this? I have even uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing changed. Please tell me how to fix I have watched 100 videos by now, scrolled through forms and changed my mouse settings in its software outside of ow2 and found its just ow2 that gives me this problem showing its something to do with the game. Please help, or make a permeate fix as an update; because I don’t want to loose 5 1/2 years of playing this game to a bug not letting me aim in a FPS game. Thank you for your time reading this, please help me resolve this issue.