Aggregating all "POTG's always go to healers" bug reports

Well - Must have been since February 26th. I got much more Brigitte POTGs since then.


Anecdotally… I have not found this to be even a slight issue. POTGs have been pretty even across roles for me.


It’s actually insane, I just got potg as brig for swinging for 5 seconds and cleaning up a kill. My friend got a literal solo quad kill as doomfist that game.


It’s been ready to get greased for weeks now. Bump


Shameless bump. Been a bit more than a day, but I’m sure I can be forgiven. Blizzard please grease.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. We are testing a fix and hope to resolve the issue with our next release (1.47).


its been over a month but its finally been addressed. Hallelujah


So great, Supports will never get POTG’s again, hurray.

Thanks for the update, Matt! Much appreciated


Wow, that is a lightning fast response …


No, they just have to earn it.


can you please also put the audio occlusion bug fix on ptr from Feb 6th to live? :’(

Honestly, you barely see Supports get POTG’s anyway, it’s always DPS, because the Fire system panders to them (100 fire upon eliminations, everything else is lower).

Yeah we all loved seeing POTGs of Moira holding left click while her Rein got a 6 man shatter, or Brig holding left click on someone while her McCree killed four by himself.


I’m just saying that DPS do take the shine too often, not saying that this is a bad change but they could atleast give Supports more chances to get POTG instead of through those, there is a Lifesaver play of the game but you can barely get it even if you use a Sound Barrier or Transcendence to save your team. They get it way too often with ease because the Fire system pandors to getting kills, the thing Supports can barely do.


I mean at the end of the day PoTG doesn’t really matter, it’s just an ego boost at the end of the game. I skip most PoTGs anyway.

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OMG, just get rid of healers/tanks if you’re going to nerf them every time someone complains on the forums. :roll_eyes:

It’s been an issue for a long time. I’ve had highlights/PoTGs on Zenyatta where it’s only chosen because my Orb of Harmony is healing someone while I maybe kill 1 person or shoot them once and then hit the wall 3-4 times.

This may sound redundant, but I don’t think the issue is that healing matters too much; it’s that meaningful kills/damage don’t count enough.

The reason I say it may sound redundant, is that I feel ‘damage’ contribution towards PoTG needs to value killing blows more. Yes, sheer damage matters, but as many know, securing kills is what wins fights since healing can undo massive damage.

Headshots, Shutdowns, Long-shots and multi-kills should all factor highly on it; damage and healing should be smaller factors.

Anyways, just my 2 cents…I’ve been complaining about how boring/poor PoTGs are since beta, so it’s nice to see it’s being looked into (not that 100% of PoTGs are bad; some are really good…but it’s stupidly rare.)

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Doomfist mains who had the same bugs for over 2 years: first time?

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:crab: Rocket Punch doesn’t put Sombra’s hack on cooldown :crab: