Again with another Mercy Nerf?

Exactly…It doesn’t make any since. So they buffed her to 60hp/s because her healing was meh, do a completely unnecessary rework IMO, then when everyone has a conniption fit, they nerf her 6 different times, leaving her with a clunky rez cooldown, when they didn’t even need to do that. 1 instant rez during Valk solves a lot of issues…but no…What do they do? Reduce her healing to the point in which they thought it was to low in the first place…brilliant.


And with triple tank dive coming with Hammond, plus the buffs to hit scan heroes, I think Mercy will be fine and this nerf isn’t needed.

Now explain why she wasn’t a must pick before the immunity buff during ress (old ult)
Mass ress without immunity wasn’t a problem, but suddently becomes after that buff.


Ah yes when people would pick LUCIO as their “main healer”

Except if you do that you’ll then piss off the people who play Mercy because they can’t aim (or don’t want to). The biggest issue is the resurrection. Oh, Winston out damaged my heals? Guess I will just bring this guy back.

Because Lucio had better utility at the time. He could heal more people at once with a larger aura or boost them. Zenyatta has always been great due to discord and his ult. And back then, Ana was stronger than Mercy and had burst heals.

Mercy didn’t have as much mobility as she does now and no burst heal capabilities. Everyone was a better choice. But then Ana was nerfed and her healing was not as reliable. Lucio’s aura was greatly reduced and then received a counter to his ultimate (not to mention the physics patch messed with Soundwave). At that point Mercy was considered a more consistent healer.

Mercy’s ultimate was still broken but due to the fact that her kit had no utility outside of ult she wasn’t as good as the other healers. So she got buffed and soon its function became more apparent and the rework in turn made her too strong. Especially with resurrection. Before I thought she was fine because the cast time became slow and you had to be careful with pulling it off. But the more I played her it was just too much. A free resurrect every 30 seconds is no good. It also allows for just pocketing someone the entire game. Oh, someone killed your pocket? Bring him back without any repercussions because it is no longer something earned. As long as it stays her utility still surpasses Ana, Moira, Lucio.

I mean… You answered your own question…

Oh, and the rework made her MORE powerful…

So why do you think mercys pickrate is that high?
Is it cause her healing is too strong? that she needs a 16% healing nerf?
Is her ultimate too strong?

No it’s how the game works and the current meta works. The best counter to a widow is not a winston its a mercy rez.
She has a ultimate on a 30 sec cd.

Nerfing Mercy and Buffing hitscan. I just say RIP every Phara player.

It’s actually pretty simple.

Mercy has high utility, high survival, and high heals. Every other healer only gets two of those.

And the devs don’t want to nerf Valk or Rez, because they’ve been doing that for a year without much success. And there’s a lot of controversy surrounding it, and a lot of resources invested in it.

They don’t want to nerf her survival, because low ranks require a solo healer that can survive getting abandoned by their team on a regular basis.
(And because GA is just flat out fun)

So that just leaves nerfing her heals, as the least controversial way to lower her cumulative capabilities.

But Ana’s only change was to her ult so the same problems she had before still stand even with buff to ult

No doubt. If anything the “buff” Ana needs is to have Lucio be viable, in a “Pick Zenyatta or Lose” meta.

Having a healer powerful enough to solo heal is actually reason enough on its own to nerf them. People want to play other healers competitivly, too.

I’m sure that you’re going to just LOVE inconsistent healing then I guess.

Mercy has been broken for a year and a half. She will still be the most picked hero after this change. She got progressively buffed over the course of a year, then reworked to a stupid power level, and she still hasnt been brought down to where she needs to be, an OK healer that is outclassed by players that can take advantage of the higher skill hero in Ana, not picked in every damn game from bronze to OWL.

The whole persecution complex and holier than thou idea that Mercy mains have is annoying. You aren’t somehow a saint for playing healer, get over yourselves and take an actual look at how stupidly broken Mercy has been.

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And this heal nerf will do nothing to that list. Remove rez from E and back to her ultimate where it belongs then she’ll drop. Until then she’s going to stay at 1.

Seems like any “nerf” to rez Mercy mains purpose would make it safer, and get used more than 6 times per game, on average.

Regardless when she’s still the most picked healer I’m just gonna shrug. Blizz keeps nerfing the wrong thing.

Mercy is/was basically the only support being able to be a capable solo healer. While playing on any other support trying to be a solo heal was indefinitely harder and almost not able to perform at all unless your whole team outplays the enemies on multiple levels. This made her always THE best choice to be the main healer.

Besides, there is currently no single situation where picking Mercy is a bad choice over any other support. Yes, there are situations where she is not as strong as in other situations but you’d never say “okay Mercy as a Support pick is a bad choice at all”.

Mercys high pick rate is not just because of her great lore or her design or her being a lovely character. Just from a gameplay point of view she brings a huge value to your team with her kit. Be it her ress, her high mobility, her basically unrestricted single target heal, her damage boost, her sustainability due to her self heal after a short time without being damaged or her powered up kit during Valkyrie.

Mercy is in fact the best healer to go right now just because a team will always need a decent healing output and Mercy is able to fulfill this role the best.

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A time where Lucio was known as the satellite health pack.
A time where discord orb applied a 50% damage bonus and Zenyatta had 150 hp.
A time where healing was pretty irrelevant to begin with.

A time where team fights were short.
A time where ults generated much, MUCH faster.

Good point with the Mercy meta, problem being that alot of people just didn’t know how to counter her. Turning an ultimate ability into a regular one was just plain out stupid, and I have no idea why they thought it could work.
The main problem with Mercy right now is that she’s dull and boring to play and pretty much feels like a healbot.
Take a look at this post, it’s an excellent example of what I mean and well explained: