After watching Wrecking Ball, I can't see why Roadhog was nerfed or why they scaled back Dva


Every inital PTR change is typically nerfed. I can see them giving him a time limit to rolling and having a cooldown before being able to roll again


me, waiting for Hog to be better and D.Va not to be a mess but viable


Anyone got a link to video?


Sounds kinda like Doomfist.


Here is Stylosa trying em:

Although he didn’t know how to use the piledriver skill haha.


Here is a bigger issue: HE HAS CC


knockback and knock up, while not being able to shoot his primary … it isn’t a huge issue. It is very situational.


Roadhog didn’t have anything tank-like about him other than his Hook and HP.

Tanks are high health disruption characters. Hammond has an ability that increases his tanking capabilities and his whole kit is centered around disruption, and he’s quite balanced from what I can tell. He takes a LOT of skill to use extremely effectively.

Also he seems to fit in with any main tank very well. Orisa can pull in enemies that he can hit with Piledriver or his ‘wrecking ball’ ability. Winston and him can dive very well. Reinhardt’s Earthshatter pairs with Minefield excellently as well.

He’s very flexible, which is really nice.


Any amount of CC is an issue at this point.
It’s waaaaay too much.
6/7 new hero had CC!!!


Yes, but your still limited to 6 heroes, so it doesn’t really matter.


Appreciate it, thank you very much!




CC isn’t an issue.

The lack of CC counter abilities is an issue. We only have Zarya’s particle barriers and Fortify to negate them iirc.




He is on PTR now to my understanding.


Yes he was recently updated to the PTR. No skins/emotes yet though.


Yes it does. Too many heroes have too much CC, it’s ridiculous.


For those interested in changes on PTR.


I’ve already seen it ,but I skipped right to the “hero updates” part ,assumed that a new hero would be there ,thanks for telling me though


About 50% of the reason he was reworked was due to his hook, and the other 50% was because he made lots of other heroes obsolete. His kit was never balanced due to his hook. I’ll get to the hook “balance” issues later. But I think most of the reason they reworked him was because his hook was broken for the longest time. I don’t mean broken as in OP (although a few versions certainly were that). I mean broken as in, it literally didn’t do what it was suppose to do. I use to hate playing Roadhog until he got reworked because even after 3 iterations, his hook was still super inconsistent. We had one version that pulled people through time, walls, and space, but missed sometimes for no reason; we had one version that pulled different heroes different distances from RH, meaning that he couldn’t always one certain heroes; etc. That’s not counting the minor iterations we got.

Then there was the balance issue. At the time, the snipers were awful to mediocre, and Reaper was rarely used. RH being able to one shot stuff was fine. Him being able to one shot stuff while sitting behind a shield (unlike Reaper or DF who had to get in there with lots of risk to do damage), having healing on a relatively low cooldown (unlike most other one shot heroes), and RH being immune to divers due to his large hitpool and healing (unlike snipers) wasn’t fine. His kit made Reaper, Widow, and Hanzo obsolete because he could one shot people with less skill and risk. Why play Widow to one shot something when Hog could do it with less risk?