After this ptr goes live

They should give Reinhardt a new ultimate rework giving him 2 hammers and rampage mode where he murder players swinging like a madman. Fix charge give him CC immune at this rate I don’t think blizzard has what it takes to fix earthshatter 100% tired of all these bugs you need to step it up blizzard!

I’m glad you arn’t on the balance team, I hate her bubbles with a passion.

Ah, we’ve finally reached peak Sunk Cost Fallacy.

Just because they’ve sunk a ton of resources into fixing a problem they’ve caused, and ending up with it still being a problem, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep spending resources trying to make her better.

They caused the rework that made her get nerfed like 10 times in a row. It’s their responsibility to fix it all the way, not just band-aid it.

I’m going to include reworks, but in a separate list:


  • Reaper
  • Symmetra
  • Orisa
  • Roadhog
  • Ana
  • Brig (really)


  • Bastion
  • Sombra
  • Mercy

shrugs blizz is crap at balancing their own game and it is evident in seeing the amount of attention they give ptr feedback threads.

I agree mercy should not have res on a cd its busted and needs to be removed. but while it is on their she should have reduced healing output so she is not the best healer with the best abilities. However that does contradict what they said about her kit in previous remarks.

But unless they remove res back to an ult or out of the game ( i prefer out of the game as it represents more skill that way) I do not want to see mercy receive any more attention since she was viable all these nerfs and bastion/reaper/hog have slowly gotten worse. Its time for tanks and dead dps to receive some love for a chance. Not a healer who has been meta and defined metas for over a year. Let her sit on the wayside like ana did for awhile.

Roadhog and Symmetra.


The Overwatch UI needs a considerable buff/rework :wink:

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Don’t even talk about another sombra rework. The current sombra is just bad, and I demand a revert/buff

These five hands down.

Bastion has been at the bottom of the pick list since basically launch. He needs the rework treatment.

Mercy needs 55 hps and perhaps a new ability or something added to her kit to make her actually feel impactful and FUN.

Hog needs a passive or something to keep him from feeding his brains out to the enemy ult charge.

My Wish List:


  • Nade now only impacts on surfaces/barriers and passes through heroes.
  • Nade is detonatable in mid air with second key press.
  • Sleepdart cooldown is lowered by 4 seconds (8s down from 12s) if it does not land.


  • Either bigger clip or faster reload.
  • Make it so zero ult charge is given to the enemy while using take a breather.


  • Both bubbles to be on 8 second CD.


  • Shadow Step now works like a “targetable Moira Fade”.

in what world does zarya need 250 hp bubbles

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Bastion, Reaper, Roadhog need the most attention

Symmetra, Mercy need minor buffs

Welp Bastion and Hog are totally needs to be priority next
After that i think they need to have a second look on Symmetra and Mercy
And personally i think it wouldn`t hurt to up Orisa damage and fire rate a bit to keep most aggressive heroes at bay.

ooo looks like roadhog is getting some more adjustments soon:


Every single tank needs a buff after this. Especially tanks. I love playing tanks and it’s literally hell not having the mobility to avoid tank busters like Hanzo, Reaper, and Torb.

D.Va: Increase damage for Micro Missiles and increase Defense Matrix up-time
Orisa: Increase Fortify duration
Reinhardt: Increase Shield health
Roadhog: Increase Hook distance
Winston: Increase Shield health and lower jump pack cooldown
Zarya: Lower bubble cooldown on both self and friendly

I think that these buffs would really help the tanks in the game ever so slightly to make them playable. I don’t want to see 3DPS be meta again.

Reapers been needing buffs since season 2 ended

Brigitte (more a compensation buff)
Mei (a train of bug fixes)

what… you dont have the mobility to avoid reaper LOL

Nah, they’ll probably nerf Mercy’s gun to deter people from going Battle Mercy instead of focusing on healing.