After the lucio buffs.. what can we expect for ana?


yea… i still see anas winning in ranked.

shes not an instalose.
a lot of dps mains play ana.


welp she can 3 shot anyone at range or 2 shot close by (shoot melee + shoot melee)


I’ve try Lucio, and I agree with other topic, it’s not a buff, it’s another nerf.
Don’t ask the same for Ana plz, she’s fine :slight_smile:


Fade gets rid of anti heal effect and she can orb afterwards… Ana is not useless, she is just extremely underpowered right now and its so much harder to get value out of her than other healers as shown by her negative winrate in almost every tier.


you forget one thing: she always had a negative winrate on lower elos…


And now she has a bad one at all elos but GM. If that doesnt tell you something is wrong then I don’t know what will.


i’m all up for giving her passive healing in form of shields.

but ppl act like she used to be a superman and forget that shes always been a bad pick on lower elos like gold, plat accordingly to her winrate.


What was the Lucio buff?


b o o s t t h e n a n a


It’s kinds of weird, like I love playing her, but I enjoy player her bc she’s hard to play. Idk if I would want a buff if it ends up being something like lucio’s recent one. Maybe she’d get an autolock ability or a mobility ability though, that’d be cool and expand upon her kit a bit.


more changes here:

basically they improved his wallride; boop doesnt cost ammo anymore.
you dont need much skill anymore to wallride.


Thanks for the information


Really, just apply what fans suggested: shots pass through targets that are 100% health.
It’s difficult to think why this isn’t the case. Even if she literally hides behind tanks, that’s…what tanks are for.


Roller Skate Ana perhaps? Nice speed increase for Granny Amari .:thinking:


Or they could just give her wall-climb so she can see around tanks? Or give her a better way of healing herself. I’d settle for anything to be honest.


Yeah I would love that.
It’s so boring when u wanna heal someone and a fat tank come between you and the guy who really need heal fast…
Most of time the poor guy die… Very frustrating.
Same for the grenade.


grenade volley pls

20 chars


is it just me or junkrat’s bomb bounce is decreased?


implying lucio was buffed.



It’s only an improvement to wallride if you didn’t know how to use it before. it’s a net nerf for lucio mains.