After playing the PVE…

What do you think will be in the Declassified book which should be out by the end of this year? I remember many people considering it as “the one that will clarify the new OW2 timeline and its internal rewrite”, but I’m honestly curious to know what you think.

On the one hand I’m optimistic that it could be a book equivalent to “WoW Chronicles”: it overwrote the old lore, but provides its community with a definition of the new timeline and order of individual events. A huge point of the situation that changes everything and gives us the basis to cancel the old rumors.

On the other hand, I’m very sad about how they advertised a few years ago the second OW1 artbook where it was proudly written everywhere “a preview of OW2 art”… to then see LITERALLY 1 page about it and with seen and misrepresented artbooks at blizzcon 2019 and blizzconline. I’m extremely afraid that the content of the book is a copy-paste of the files written in the codex inside the PVE, without a real contextualization of the “new” story of the game.

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They specify it will be for both old and new fans, including “all new lore”, so I assume there has to be some updated stuff in there.

whatever it is, there is only two options, something so obvious fans already guessed long ago, or something so stupid no worth to be hidden but developers dont want to show to much info at once. ow story is not the most groundbreaking thing ever, so dont expect anything special.

personally i think is just developers craeting expectations but not thinking well, they hide information that maybe will never be revealed or is a retcon or something that will dissapoint

I was kind of disappointed that we were except more Story Missions but ended up getting 3. So I am hopping they make PVE Side of things more better in general. Right now it’s good just not good enough.