AFK instead of leaving QP?

What are you all talking about? I don’t understand where all these topics about leavers are coming from.

Edit: it got explained, thank you all.

Or I just don’t lol


There’s a kicker penalty for afking. So it will unless they just stand near the spawn door leave it before the timer ends. Plus, that’s already reportable for afking.

You get kicked if you are afk and it counts as you leaving the game. Also in Ranked, if you leave, you get suspended for 10 minutes, then 30, then an hour and then for like a day and for the entire season. Also, everytime you leave your MMR or whatever drops too so most serial leavers will only be able to play with other leavers or people suck at the game so back.

So no either play the game or don’t queue. you will either be banned for leaving too much or for getting reported too much (people report you if you leave that’s kind of an unspoken rule)

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They changed the system to that if you leave 4 out of your last 20 games, you get a block for 10 minutes from all game modes. It punishes the leavers that leave a lot of games to “save time”.

Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - October 10, 2023 released today

so people are talking about why Blizzard is either delusional, or entitled to run a prison state that’s somehow supposed to be fun :stuck_out_tongue:


blizzard is going to change punishment for leavers/afk players starting next season (literally tomorrow) and people do not understand that they are making the punishments harsher so they think they can find a loophole


Ah ok thank you, that explains it.

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This is super easily bypassed. You can go a full minute 30 seconds before the thing pops up to where you have to interact with an enemy within 15 seconds. Tested myself.


I hear what you’re saying, this is a massive step up from the xp penalty we’re used to. However, if a person is leaving enough games to trip the lockout I’d wager they’re not having that much fun to begin with and should probably stop playing at that point.

And if people start throwing then others will report them for doing so.

Entirely your choice, just be prepared to have a little blizzard-mandated ‘cooling off period’ if you do that too many times in a row.

If you’re fine with that, then hey, it’s your game time. You do you. :+1:


And what do you gain from doing that? Just lots of reports which will result in a suspension anyway.


I have this feeling that in couple days we have dozens of new “I was banned for no reason” posts from afk’ers.


So i have a question, they state the last 20 matches played. Does this mean only unranked games played? As in if i leave 5 unranked matches to play a 50 competative matches in total i will still get a penalty because it only counts unranked matches?

people used to use these in wow battlegrounds

People will just report you and you end up suspended anyway.

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Imagine spending your life doing this


threat of that didn’t stop people doing it in WoW

probably 30 people in each AV were AFK

“I hate this game so I’m gonna punish my teammates”


I dont care, they get banned eventually and had it coming.

Only the ones who refuse to learn and grow as players…

Which as a capable solo player, is about 80% of players i get matched with…

If you cant carry your own weight, you have no right to blame others for refusing to compensate for it… maybe put some effort into learning and growing as player instead of relying on the matchmaking system to carry you…

Because thats all your saying here “im mad people wont carry me” if your decent at the game, this wont be an issue for you :smiley:

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