Addressing the balance issue on Route 66

I’m not sure that anybody have notice but why in some hybrid payload maps the defending team only have 2 spawn rooms and the attack team has 3? And let’s talk about Push if the enemy team pushes the robot halfway through the map it takes literally 5 minutes to get back to your team. Bring back Lunar horizon colony and Paris map

Push is a huge issue, as been pointed out with some maps and flow charts by Youtubers but basically any time the robot is walking back to the last area is wasted time that favors the team that pushed the farthest.

Also the fact the wining team just has to have possession of the robot, not even have it pushing your barrier in OT to win is a bit annoying. Basically if you have more than a 50m or so advantage the up hill struggle to come from behind is huge.

As for Route 66 it’s as balanced as any map by the sheer fact both teams attack and defend. Map failures like that only really come into play in QP or arcade, where you play one round.


Maps like Route 66 and Eichenwalde have a very strong “favor-the-defender” design to them.

The only way to balance this out (and to prevent spawn camping) is to make sure the spawn rooms are distant enough that the attacking team is able to push the objective a decent amount of the way.

That said, Route 66 may have 5 different chokes within its first checkpoint, but there are still at least three routes through, it kinda balances out a bit.

So… The better team wins. If they push first and hold the advantage, they did good.

The vast majority of my wins in push have been come-from-behind victories. The team that pushes first is not always the winner.

Yes, it is a pain in the butt to get it back through all the intervening space to start pushing your own barricade, but if you adapt to both your own team and the enemy team, you can still score a win. I wish the comp stats were actually updating, because I’d absolutely link my push stats just to show it’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

Don’t always rely on YouTube’s or twitch players your game play could be 10 times better than theirs dont go by experience of their matches only yours

The ones I looked at wasn’t about experience but hard numbers involving the robots walking speed, distance traveled etc. Been a while since i watched it but it was something like 25 seconds for the robot to walk from the enemies location if they pushed 100m or more. That is a long time to control the robot to gain nothing from it.

Mostly I just hate the insanely long walks for respawn and yet another map that blatantly favors high mobility hero’s.

Stop taking advice from these YouTube and twitch streamers, play your own matches you may be a better player than they are. Everyone plays on a different server dont let these guys manipulate you telling you how to play your matches especially what you pay for