Address Off-Tanks now in 222!

Jeff Kaplan admitted indirectly that it’s disadvantageous to have an off tank as a solo tank (because they don’t have a barrier), but is it ok to have a duo of them in 222 then?

If they would have to rework Off-Tanks (because they don’t have a team mitigation ability enough) to be less dependent on a second tank to improve their viability, why wouldn’t they do it now that we have 222?

Why leave dependent tank options just to people to complain when they are used as duos?

If mitigating less, but offering more damage is “the thing with Off-Tanks” either bring the problematic barrier tanks’ value down, so off-tanks can compete with them, or bring off-tank value up in the mitigation aspect, so they can be played in duo in a competitive way!
Address them now! Not in solo tank queue.

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It’s not like Hog and aren’t exactly good when they go solo, but it’s just that with the current damage output of the game you can sometimes die during your Hook animation even if you grab nothing and it doesn’t really seem like they’re ready to address the damage creep that has happened in the game or they’ll do that after they’ll bring down supports and main tanks. Barrier just happens to be a pre-requisite for proper survivability ATM

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He said there is no such thing as something labeled ‘main tank’ ‘offtank’.

He said it like it’s all player’s perspective.
But they’re willing to rework and adjust that for a solo queue tank, why not address this issue now?

Why let two independent “main tanks” be played together with the most damage + mitigation profits and two “off-tanks” are not viable and competitive as a duo?

Address this in 222 now! Why wait for a solo tank queue to do it?

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As long as we are talking about “reworking” those “off” tanks into at least, semi-viable main tanks. Then sure, your point makes sense actually…

Well, how other way would you think they are going to rework those off-tanks for a solo tank queue?? It has to be semi-viable main tanks!
But why can’t they do it now, that’s the question!

Seeing as Hog is already in the DPS role internally… :neutral_face:

I get it’s the worst case scenario, but it’s a possibility.

and if it does, I’ll become a support main. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or they should rework all main tanks, or the two problematic ones, into semi-viable main tanks, tuning them down to compete with off-tanks.

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