Additional PTR Patch Notes Released

Lots of changes to bring Goats down a few power levels, and my goodness is Deadeye finally going to be a decent ult? After being locked on for 1.5 seconds everything is going to die.

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Something to smile about for now.

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I like that Sym change! Thats huge!


Although she might be dealing less damage to armored targets at Level3 charge she’s going to be dealing a heck of a lot more damage to barriers & unarmored targets much faster.

Not to mention, dealing less damage to armored targets at Level3 charge isn’t that big of a deal considering it’ll still almost instantly eat through it anyways at 154 dps. Only a few heroes in the game have more than that, so we’re talking about a fraction of a second longer to eat through the same amount of armor while getting to that high dps quite a bit faster.

As is, you generally lose the Rein vs Sym match up anyways unless you get turrets on him too. Then you win. Dont think itll change that.

Winston probably stays 50/50 like now.

It’s Brig that I think Sym will have zero chance vs but this change might balance that back out.

Sym’s strength imo is her ability to chew through a backline or dive strats. This makes her better at that and just might give her enough to be viable in player perception.

The places I had the most success with Symmetra were in choke points against either Rein or Orisa. They just stand there with their barrier (because they don’t really have many other options) and I get infinite ammo & level 3 charge, then I press W and everyone dies. Though, I’m sure dive will make a bit of a comeback when this PTR patch goes live so she won’t be as abusable.

Not a huge fan of the Zen change, even though its a small one.

Not really. She’s still nerfed.

Huh? There’s only a handful (less than that) of heroes that have 200 armor or more, and even with the nerf to beam weapons against armor she’s still going to deal 154 dps to armored targets at level 3, meaning it will take a fraction of a second longer to burn through it than it did, but she will be at that level 3 charge significantly faster.

She got a net buff if you ask me. At level 3 charge you aren’t going to notice much of a difference against armor since not many targets have that much to burn through anyways, and it’s unlikely that they’ll be at full health & armor in the first place.

Considering that he increases damage by 30% for every teammate, it was a bit on the strong side compared to Mercys damage-boost.

I’m liking the sound of these changes! Hopefully that Lúcio nerf will be enough to bring BOS / Bunker comps up a notch.

And I’m glad I was worried over nothing with the Sym nerf.

Really good ptr overall. Best in a while.

Thats true. Its still not as bad as it sounds. Most people only look at it one way (that way). But there is a flip side to that. Sure Zen orbs one target and 6 people can do increased damage to them, but mercy boosts one person and they can deal increased damage to 6 other people. Example is like before Hanzo ult got nerfed She damage boosted him so his dragon killed through transcendence. Not all 6 people on a team are equally capable of outputting the same amount of damage. Sometimes its nicer to enable that one person. Nano does that to a more severe degree.

Have you played on the PTR at all? Bunker has already felt very strong on it without these changes, so I think it’s safe to say Bunker comps are going to be quite strong when all this goes live with Baptiste. Which in turn will make Dive more prevalent (especially since Dive heroes have been left practically untouched in all these balance changes) which will in turn make Deathball more prevalent which will… you get the picture :slight_smile:


I’ve played bunker with a wm1 Reinhardt on our team, if that counts.

Let’s be real: putting 1 person vs 6 is a lot more ineffective than 6 teammates focusing 1 target.

And as you said: The ultimate interactions of Hanzo, etc. were removed.

Everyone has learned to play the game by now and players usually single out targets in 2k19, which was basically a buff to zenyatta created solely by the players.

Less dmg, with faster charge time on a beam where the issues always has been how unreliable it is on it’s own. It simply requires way too much accuracy to be worthwhile vs alt fire which will 2 hit people and is easy to hit at many ranges. Then you take the fact Sym still is packing a lesser Zarya primary but without that survivability nor mobility to make it as safe or effective. She. Was. Nerfed.

Slightly less damage versus armor, yes. Considering there are only 3 heroes in the game (Reinhardt, Orisa & Dva) who have 200 armor at full hp and Symmetra deals 154dps to armor I don’t really see that as a big deal considering it only takes .17 seconds longer to burn through it. Also, now that they’re buffing her charge rate by 20% she’s going to be at level 3 much faster which might I remind you does full damage to everything else. I’d say she was buffed.