Additional Patch Notes

There are a couple changes that are on the current PTR that we missed on the main patch notes. I’ll be including them here as well as any additional changes if we make any for this PTR cycle.


Shield Bash

  • Cone angle reduced from 90 to 60

Dev Notes: When fighting against Brigitte, it often felt like Shield Bash was able to hit you when you felt like you should have dodged it. On the flip side, when playing as Brigitte sometimes you would hit the wrong enemy in the middle of a fight. With the cone being reduced the ability is more accurate to its visual representation.


Wall Ride

  • Wall leap boost decreased from 2.5 m/s to 2.0m/s

Dev Notes: This change is just part of the overall changes to wall riding. Now that you can ride on many more surfaces and boost/land on the same surface, we’re reducing the leap boost itself slightly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Brigitte to not be able to use abilities or her weapon while her Repair Pack was in flight.

Update 4 -24
We’ve pushed out a build with some more Lucio tweaks.

  • Wall leap boost reverted back to 2.5 m/s. We’ll keep an eye on this to make sure it doesn’t get super out of control.
  • Fixed a bug causing a loss of momentum when landing/boosting off very small columns such as trees etc. (This one isn’t live on PTR yet, should be soon)
  • Added and then promptly removed the hero option to control how much time is required to hold jump before you would ride around corners. We may add this back in in the future but we’re just setting this to 0.3s for everyone for now. Its worth noting that this option only appeared for one build and wasn’t hooked up to actually function (it wasn’t intended to appear in the build actually).

We’ve also increased the height of Genji’s deflect back to what it was. The overall size is still smaller, but the lowered height specifically was causing him to be able to be headshot when jumping sometimes.

We’ve also made a change to Hanzo’s lunge ability so if you use it and then wall climb within a tiny window of time, it wont consume the cooldown. This is there to fix a case where you try to climb a wall using the jump button but your lunge ability is off cooldown, which would cause it to be used as you start to climb the wall. This should now be fixed.


Thanks for the updates, Geoff.

On the topic of undocumented changes: can you please confirm whether Lucio being unable to get more than one speed boost off of wallriding is intentional or not? On live you can skim (attack and detach quickly then jump again after detaching) off walls multiple times to go faster and faster, but on the PTR the cap for this speed boost has been lowered to where it only takes one jump to reach.


A good change I think, Geoff. Any chance Reinhardt or Ana see any changes anytime soon?


Is there a chance that Brigitte can get a Repair Kit sensitivity bar (similar to Zen’s Orb of Harmony/Discord, Sombra’s Hack, Ana’s Nano Boost, etc.)? I would personally prefer to make it a bit more accurate, so I don’t accidently give it to someone who is nearby my initial target.


Hey, this is actually pretty awesome.

Thanks for fixing this, Geoff!


What is happening to Horizon? It looks pretty cool! When will you release the huge change of the map? It looks pretty now! I can’t wait to see how it changes in the battle!


Geoff, please reconsider these changes. Wallriding worked fine before and nearly nobody had an issue with it. The current mechanics are clunky and feel “sticky” to play with.

At the very least can we have an option to turn off auto corner wallclimbing just like how Genji and Hanzo have an option to turn off auto wallclimb?


i think these changes overall are pretty good but ana needs to be addressed, she hasnt been good since that huge nerf a while back



but y tho


When will Native Ultrawide Support be revisited again


I am curious about this. What was the impetus for making it easier? If anything, the only complaints I’ve heard about Wall Ride were about how input and physics changes made it impossible to pull off certain things that used to be viable at the higher level and this indirectly nerfed its potential.


When you get the chance can you look into hack bugs that were presented with the new sombra changes?


Hey, I’ve tested wallride for a while and will keep on doing so, but my considerations so far are:

1 - the speed reduction was uncalled for regardless;
2 - even though the corners thing is cool, I would happily sacrifice it. Lúcio feels stuck to the wall and many rollouts have become impractical. The fact that he’s now stuck to the wall because of the corners mechanic makes him an easy target for a brief moment. What’s the use for wallride then when getting away if “AD” spam is probably going to be better? Of course I can’t back the latter up, but wallride feels awful :frowning:

So far this is all I’ve got, but I don’t believe these are good changes. At least give us the option to toggle between wallride styles (auto-corners and no auto-corners), because I really prefer the live version.

Please reconsider the speed reduction, Lúcio’s already seen enough speed nerf and even with being able to spam wallride more, the fact that he is briefly stuck to the wall kills most momentum off.

I beg of you to step back on these changes until they are more reliably implemented :confused:
Lúcio is usually so much fun to play and this just feels really… well, unfun, clunky and heavy (again.)


It affects its potential quite directly, actually.

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I agree with Skrimiche. The speed changes kinda kills Lucio as a hero for a lot of people that enjoyed playing him. The wall ride attachment to walls you’ve already attached to isn’t a big enough buff to balance out the speed reduction. The speed stacking that is possible in the live server is skill based and only the people who have practiced this skill can do it. Removing this skill is unnecessary. It lowers a skill cap, which is unhealthy for a competitive shooter, and raises the skill floor only slightly. I believe it needs to be further looked at if it is truly necessary to change Lucio’s speed that is beloved by communities like r/LucioRollouts and r/LucioMains


I was actually discussing with a few friends how this can potentially make Lúcio a 2 stars hero. Lowers both skill and reward. Not a great deal at all. Feels cheap and unfun so far.

I trust Blizzard with my heart on a silver-platter, though. I have hope they will make this right. I don’t feel like devs have failed us so far, much on the contrary <3


I was referring to previous physics and input nerfs in the past, not this current change.



Was really excited to first read about what I thought was going to be a substantial Lúcio buff, as the soundwave ammo requirement was something I always hoped would be removed. Having his speed reduced just because they’re lowering wallriding’s skill floor feels pretty backhanded to me.