Add scoreboards

3 seperate scoreboards for tab menu. tank, damage and support. all next to each other. calculate player efficiency with how they perform in match. and sort them. enemy/friendly merged. damage blocked, damage taken for tank. kill, damage for dps. heals, utility (rez, antiheal, discord, immortality field etc.) for support. efficiency stats may change for each hero. Toxicity shouldnt be problem if they start banning/punishing toxic people.

They wont. due to the already MAJOR issues of arguments and fighting in chat.

Universal stats:
Damage done, deaths, objective time and Objective Eliminations.

Tank category:
Damage blocked (if applicable), Damage Recieved (attacks unblocked), Healing Recieved (from supports), and Unique stats (Hog: Enemies hooked, Zarya: High energy kills, etc).

Healing done, assists, and Unique stats (Baptiste: Deaths prevented, Mercy: Damage boosting, etc)

Unique stats (Genji: Dragon Blade kills, Widow: Headshot kills, etc)

They said they’re adding a scoreboard in OW2

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Its due to the complexity of the game. They said that scoreboards would not represent 100% of whats happening (obviously) so they are not going to bother.
You can look it up with the keywords via google in 30 sec.

Mostly PvE related, dont hold your breath for PvP

They meant PvP, they even said they’re working on a ping system for OW2

it may also reduce toxicity. maybe people would stop blaming other roles meanwhile they were playing much worse than opponents. you shouldnt blame your dps meanwhile you dont create any space compared to enemy tanks. or blame healers for not healing meanwhile they are doing better than their healers. (you still shouldnt flame no matter what tho.)

His actual quote was:

This means they may do something different that involves more stats, but by no means says they’re adding a global scoreboard like some people have asked for.