Add experimental updates to practice range

Adding an option to the practice range where you can tryout the experimental updates would be a cool feature I think. This is primarily because the queues can take a while on the experimental game mode, however it can also allow players to try out and experiment with the new changes before playing against other players and whilst queuing for other game modes or the experimental game mode.
Edit: This is already available haha, my bad. Thanks!

This is already possible. You need to use custom settings to do it. I am sure you can fine the post somewhere on these forums. I even seen Jeff himself give instructions how to do it. It how I learned it was possible to be honest. He didn’t know it was possible either until he asked if it something they could do in the future and someone within Blizzard said it already possible. :slight_smile:


I’ll be the one to detailize then. It’s just an option in custom game settings that allows one to use exp patch changes, while pract range itself is already classified as a sub category of custom games.

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go to game browser
create game
choose preset: practice range
go to “lobby” options
choose “enable” for “use experimental if available”