Add Bastion already please

Worst take of this entire discussion, congratulations


I wanna know when Torbs back in comp. They really removed my most played hero lmfao

People have discovered that Sombra can teleport inside the payload on the map Paraíso. I wonder if Blizzard will give her the same treatment as Bastion or Torb, or if they’ll give her a pass because she’s a popular hero.

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Can we get torb as well, I’m tired of hearing my team mates complain about my dps moira

So Bliz, when is he coming back?

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…So much for that “soon”, heh.

Also i’ve seen “Bastion” and “#FREEBASTION” trending on Twitter in my region which is funny lol

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Just put healing on E and leave grenade as it is maybe? E has been open for the entire age of the game and they still haven’t used it.

God I hope not. I really liked nu bastion.

I like Bastion. He is a gun.


He literally isn’t. The whole point of the rework was to make him more independent and less reliant on bunker comps. Instead they made him permanently strapped to a support so he doesn’t blow up in a frame, gave him a grenade that’s harder to hit than flashidys while doing less than half the damage and an ultimate that could change the tide of battle to one that is near useless even when it has a glitch and he can spam it infinite times.

I actually find the rework nice. I mean I really do miss self-heal. But yeah the turret form giving him movement and not being a transformation is nice I think (giving it a cooldown for balance) but the damage is too low. His damage needs to be closer to sentry mode before the rework (and give it the ability to critical hit as well). Grenade is eh. I like it but think the damage is too low. The ultimate is just objectively better though. Configuration Tank was just horrible to use. Artillery is just far more useful imo

Yes, if that was one of their precious characters, like Genji or Tracer, they would fix it really fast and would never even consider removing them from a game. But when it’s not their fav - pfft, who cares.

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You’re completely delusional, Blizzard has absolutely no reason to delay Bastion’s fix or any character’s fix. If it’s not fixed yet there are reasons for it not to be fixed yet.

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Cool story bro

My bad for thinking a multi-billion dollar company could fix a single ability in less than a week


i just want bastion back too, just to put zaryas in their place

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At the very least, an update on when we might expect him back (or anything) would be appreciated since it has been almost 8 days (correct me if I am wrong) since he was removed. For myself, I really just want him back to complete his seasonal challenge (4 out of 5 currently).


I don’t say they delay Bastion fix. I say they put it on low priority. And that they would put it on much higher priority if there was a bug with Genji or Tracer.


Now you know how Bastion mains feel. Can’t even play my favourite dps in vs AI. Who cares about how broken he is vs AI?

Bastion mains. This is pain. Pure pain.

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Just accept it already