Add back old versions of heroes to play with on the workshop

Just as the title says. I think at one point I had a random dream that this was a feature and was convinced it was until I checked. Basically, this would allow us to play with the 3 versions of Symmetra, the old beta Bastion, the old Torb that could build his turrets to level 3, the old barrier health ratio, etc. I don’t know about you, but I remember most of the old versions of heroes and they were sometimes really fun to just play around with. Specifically, the old lock-on-target Symmetra beam.

As a game developer myself I am aware that this could be difficult to add from a technical standpoint, as some of the fundamentals of the game’s code and how heroes interact may have changed as the years went on, so I don’t think anyone would expect these to be very stable.

Yea sadly. From what I know, when you choose a hero, its kit itsnt built into the hero icon, instead it sends a signal requesting the hero’s data, and then you receive the hero. Because of this, it would be SUPER difficult to do. What they could do is give us other tools. Such as creating barriers, wether they move or not at what speed and its diamaters in meters.